Tao Massage - An Ancient Massage Therapy

A Tao massage is an ancient form of massage therapy. That said; even in ancient China where it was and is practiced, Tao massage is not very common.

Tao massage is also called Taoist Tantric massage because it seems to have some similarity to tantric meditation, but indications as to a common origin are not forthcoming.


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Why is not popular?

Tao massage is not very common because, along with a standard massage, a Tao massage incorporates elements that are meant to strengthen and revitalize your sexual organs. Many people have a misconception that this is just another word for a sexual act, but if you look at the history of Tao massage, you will realize how far from the truth these misconceptions are. Tao massage was developed over centuries and was taught orally to the concubines of ancient Chinese nobility. The Chinese nobility had to have a number of wives, as was their custom, and they needed to be much more sexually active than the average man. This is because apart from their normal day-to-day duties, they also had their duties toward their wives, and many Chinese emperors’ wives numbered in the hundreds. The massage was thus developed as a way to revitalize the inner energy of the body and to make them feel more b and virile. The idea behind a Tao massage is therefore to restore the proper flow of Qi in the body, and by restoring the proper flow of Qi, the Ching (which is the sexual energy) is also restored.

How does this massage work?

Although Tao massage is a very ancient art form, it was not taught outside a very small and closed circle. This meant that there were few people, even in ancient China, who knew how to perform a Tao massage. In fact, outside the harems of the Chinese nobility, there were very few people who even knew of its existence. Although this art form has survived through the ages, there are not too many reputed institutions that teach this kind of massage.

Many people develop their own form of massage and call it a Tao massage, and this is where the negative reputation regarding this form of massage stems from. For example, videos on YouTube will show people talking about how massaging the genitalia or anus is very important, but there is no indication that this is what a Tao massage is about. Tao massage is about restoring the energy flow in the body, and just as with any other form of massage, there is no need for any direct stimulation of the genitalia in order for the energy flow to be restored.

Many authentic Tao massage centers do not touch the genital organs at all.

The goal is to enable the person to relax completely, starting from the face down to the back and legs. Various pressure points are stimulated to enable the proper flow of Ching (sexual energy), and in some cases, the masseuse will just place his/her hands lightly on different areas of the body. A simple form of Tao massage would be to massage the different pressure points on the face to enable relaxation. The touch is gentle and very little pressure is exerted. The shoulders and back are also relaxed in the same way. The idea is to restore the flow of energy in the body by a soothing touch rather than by pressing and kneading of the muscles.

Duration and cost

A Tao massage session does not necessarily last very long, but the cost of each session is very high because experienced Tao masseuses are not too easy to come by. A one-hour session can cost an average of $200 or more if you want to go with a really experienced masseuse.


The restoration of Qi and Ching (life and sexual energies) is what makes Tao massage so refreshing. People who go for a session feel refreshed at the end, rather than tired and sleepy as is common in other forms of massage therapies. It is because of this that this massage is considered good for certain kinds of sexual problems. Many cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated by a simple massage without the use of medication, and Tao massage has shown to be better than other kinds of massage for this particular problem. Further, since sexual energy is one of the best stress relievers known to man, a Tao massage is also very good as a stress reliever. In fact, a 10 minute session when you are tired can revitalize you and keep you on your feet longer than if you take stimulants such as coffee, etc.

In sum

Tao massage is a very ancient art form, and just like any other forms of massage, it has specific uses. Ancient medical practitioners developed different forms of massage for different complaints and Tao massage was developed specifically to help relieve stress and improve sexual vitality.

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