Champissage Massage Therapy - Benefits & Treatment

Champissage is a simple technique of massage, specific to the head. It is gentle and is recommended for everybody.

It decreases stress and tension in the neck and face region also.

Benefits of champissage

  • Scalp stimulation


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  • Improved circulation
  • Improved mental ability
  • Relief from tension and pain and 
  • Relaxation

Champissage is also known as Indian head massage. It enhances the circulation to the lymph and heart. This helps in the treatment and prevention of many illnesses. Champissage in the neck and head relieves stress, neck pain, headache, eye strain and so on. Stress relief and all round relaxation is the ultimate goal of this technique. Massage oil is not used in Champissage. The client can remain clothed during the massage session. The individual is made to sit on a massage chair as it is helpful to provide support to the hands, neck and head.

Champissage Treatment 

Champissage is used as a therapeutic treatment for problems related to the upper body. Champissage treatment heals shoulder pains and other areas which are prone to stress. The efficacy of the treatment depends on the masseur. It is a popular technique, known for its advantages. Blocks in the energy levels are cleared. The inflow of negative energy is not seen, thereby preventing many diseases.

It also helps in the prevention of hair loss.

Compression movements and deep kneading are certain techniques which are beneficial. These procedures are done in the neck and the scalp. The technique is performed for twenty to forty five minutes. The client sits on the massage chair for around twenty minutes, after the massage. Maximum benefits are obtained by this step.

The Indian head massage uses vegetable oils, such as almond, olive, coconut and sesame. It increases the concentration power and alertness of the individual. Disposal of toxins and triggering of the circulatory system is yet another benefit of champissage. Champissage revitalises the individual and improves their concentration power. It proves effective against tension, stress, fatigue, sinusitis, migraine, stress, headache, insomnia, fatigue and strain.

Champissage deeply calms the mind and the individual maintains equipoise. It also involves acupressure, shiatsu and massage techniques on the face, shoulder, scalp, upper back, arms and hand. Other benefits of champissage are improvement in self esteem, increase in confidence, alleviation of stress, rebalances energy, boosts immune system, and promotes relaxation, ease from muscle tension and relief from pain.

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