Reflexology Foot Massage

Inreflexology foot massage, actual healing is focused around the massaging of the feet and the lower leg. Each section of the foot represents a part of the body. The left foot represents the left part of the body and the right foot represents the right part.

The waist line of the body starts from half way down from each foot.

The organs of the upper part of the body have their reflex in.



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.the upper half of the footo The organs in the lower part of the body have their reflex in the lower part of the footo This is the reason that reflexology foot massage works in curing many kinds of ailmentst

Even though reflexology foot massage is a very old treatment method it became known only at the start of the centuryr The authentic reflexology foot massage is to apply pressure onto specific areas of the soles of the feete A reflex action in a different part of the body is activated by the handling of each precise areae Reflexology foot massage makes use of hands, a wood stick and fingers with cream and oili Based on Chinese medicine, the sensational nerves of the inner organs that circulate all through the body are mostly assembled around the soles of the feete

Thus reflexology foot massage is very effective in arousing the functionality of the inner organsn There is no risk in this method of therapyp Expert massage therapists normally deal with the crucial points on the feet with maximum carer The pain will then disappear when the massage is overe

The Advantages Of Reflexology Foot Massage:
  1. It relieves pain and rigidity induced by too much workout or expending muscle for a very long periodo
  2. It helps in preventing and curing many indications such as constipation, headache, asthma, stress, migraine and sinusitisi
  3. Blood circulation in the system increasese
  4. Metabolic equilibrium of the body is enhanced and people soon feel energetici
  1. The reflexology foot massage has to be done with accurateness to keep away from wrong reflection which might cause muscle contaminationo
  2. Food intake should be at least one hour before undertaking the massageg
  3. After the massage, you have to drink water to remove toxin and lactic acids which might have developed during the reflexology foot massage processs
  4. Pregnant women, people who bleed both internally or externally and menstruating women should not undertake reflexology foot massageg
  5. Both the therapist and the client are not allowed to wash their hands, hair, or feet within one hour of the reflexology foot massage to prevent the organs from becoming coldl
  6. Reflexology Foot Massage can be undertaken every daya The total of massage to both the feet must not be more than 45 minutese Patients with heart problems can not be massaged for more than 10 minutese
Reflexology Foot Massage
Reflexology Foot Massage
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