What is Jamu Massage?

Jamu massage began its existence in the beautiful islands of central Java as a form of treatment for the royal family. It merges the traditional medical practices of the Chinese, Europeans and Indians into a unique form of therapy that is no less calming than the verdant lush surroundings amidst which it was born.

The word Jamu means 'herbal remedies' and Jamu massage is not just a form of massage therapy but a complete herbal healing methodology in itself.


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It combines the use of local medicinal herbs with techniques such as acupressure, aromatherapy and massage therapy. This unique form of therapy utilizes long strokes, rolling motions and fast drumming movements to stimulate the body and increase blood circulation. It also utilizes many herbal oils to refresh and energize the body and to cure a wide variety of ailments.

How does Jamu Massage work?

Jamu massage is a rich, soothing and energizing experience. The process of relaxation starts from the moment you walk into the therapist's chamber where you are greeted by the myriad smells of different massage oils and the sounds of gentle tribal music being played. You will be asked to lie down on a bed or massage table. The first step in this unique therapy consists of dry massage using a series of compression techniques. Every session of Jamu massage follows a well-defined sequence that consists of compression followed by thumb walking and skin rolling.

When the dry massage is over, you are asked to pick your favorite massage oil.

The gently warmed oil is then applied all over the body in long strokes. This soothing massage elevates the body into a higher state of relaxation and helps to dissolve away all the tensions and pains inflicted by life. Once the patient is sufficiently relaxed, the therapist applies a series of percussive massage strokes all over the body. These percussive strokes stimulate the circulation of blood and help to revitalize the body and mind. The massage is completed by using a series of wringing strokes designed to ease out all the lingering bits of stress that remain.

What are the benefits of Jamu Massage?

Jamu massage has many benefits including increased blood circulation, de-stressing, relaxation and a heightened sense of peace. It also energizes the body and the mind. The biggest benefit of Jamu massage is that you do not have to belong to royalty to experience this wondrous form of therapy that was designed exclusively for the kings and queens of Bali.

Jamu Massage
Jamu Massage
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