Geriatric Massage Benefits

There are several benefits of geriatric massage on the elderly people. The massage treatment provides them comfort and reduces the anxiety in them.

The tender touch in the massage also helps them to fulfill their emotional requirements and this shows great results in controlling the blood pressure and the heart rate.

Geriatric therapy helps in providing harmony between mind and the body and helps the elderly to enjoy life with great health and comfort.


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Geriatric massage shows great results by providing massage to the hands and the feet for the patients suffering from paralysis. This massage when provided to the upper part of the body helps in curing heart ailments and also helps patients suffering from the inhalation difficulties. It provides better self awareness and assists in increasing the metabolism in the body.

It also assists in the reduction of inflammation in the body parts under trauma and helps the patient regain vigor and vitality to take up the daily chores by oneself. This therapy works wonders in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, fibroids and reduction in the stiffness in body parts.

There are numerous benefits of geriatric massage in decreasing the stiffness in the muscles of the body, reducing the inflammation, and restoring the muscle deterioration. It also helps greatly to provide effective treatment for the respiratory ailments like asthma and chronic inflammation in the chest. It also shows great results for emphysema.

It helps in providing emotional comfort to senior people and the tender human touch helps them recover psychologically from wide variety of cognitive problems. It can be used as a preventive therapy with other therapy to show better results. If the patient is already under treatment then taking geriatric massage along with other medications increases the effectiveness of the massage and assures better and healthy life to the senior citizens

The spa massage treatment provided to the seniors shows great results and helps in providing better health to the senior people. It can also be used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The duration of the massage in the elder people should not be extended from 30 minutes to 1 hour. And if elongated massage treatment is desired then it should be taken with sufficient breaks in between so as to avail maximum benefits of the geriatric massage treatment. It can be taken regularly for some time and later the frequency of the massage can be reduced. Later on massage practice can be provided by the family members also once the technique of the massage suits to the patient and assures the desired comfort.

Benefits Of Geriatric Massage
Benefits of Geriatric Massage
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