Mobile Massage: Preparation and Benefits

The concept of the mobile massage was created to bring the spa experience to the client’s choice of venue.

One of its main benefits is that it allows the client to have the experience of the massage in an environment known to them, where they are most comfortable in.


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Mobile massage preparation checklist

There are certain things that you can do to make your spa or massage experience at home more enjoyable and relaxing. These are –

  • Choose and prepare a room that is quiet where you will not be distracted. Schedule the massage for when children are away at school, or organize alternate care options.
  • Dim the lights in the massage room.
  • Play some soothing and relaxing music on low volume
  • Avoid having a big meal for at least 2 hours prior to your massage.
  • Have a warm shower 30 minutes prior to the massage
  • Turn your mobile phone on silent, and let all landline calls go to the answering machine.
  • Wear loose and comfortable cotton clothing.

Why do clients prefer mobile massages?

Mobile massages are fast gaining popularity because it is most convenient for recipients. In today’s fast paced world, traffic and pollution have become part and parcel of living and more and more people want to avoid the hassle of going through the commute and through traffic, and opt for massage therapists to come to them instead. This way they can be in a relaxed state before beginning the massage and stay in a relaxed state after the massage as well. People are also most comfortable in known surroundings, and feel more at ease in their homes when getting massages done. Also most massage salons or spas have a 9 am to 6 pm schedule, which makes it challenging for people to make it after work, and getting appointments on holidays is also quite difficult, mobile massage therapists adjust their schedules to meet yours and are open to working till 10 pm in the night, if required. Mobile massage therapies are especially beneficial to new mothers, as their mobility is limited due to breast-feeding schedules.

Why do therapists prefer giving mobile massages?

Mobile massages are not only beneficial to clients but also to mobile massage therapists. The reasons are:

  • Flexibility of working hours - mobile massage therapists can choose how much work they want to take on and how many hours in a day they work.
  • Forming a bond - massage therapists who come home end up forming a closer bond with their clients and build a mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • Services offered - most mobile massage therapists also offer services like facials, manicures, pedicures and hair spa treatments, thus gaining more business options.

  • Fewer overheads - mobile massage therapists don’t have to worry about paying rent, gas, water and electricity bills that normal massage establishments or spas have to deal with every month. The only things they have to consider are massage products and fuel costs.
  • Different surroundings- therapists that offer mobile massages have different surroundings to work in everyday which beats waiting for the next client to come in while staying within four walls of a massage establishment.
  • Scheduling - clients are always on time as they are in their own homes, waiting for their massage therapists.

Benefits to the client

Clients or recipients of the massage benefit the most from this form of therapy, here is why:

  • No travelling involved, you can escape traffic and any form of stress that comes along with commuting.
  • You can relax straight after the massage is over without having to worry about getting home. Most often clients like to have some shut-eye right after the massage, this can be easily accomplished at home.
  • Save money on petrol or fuel costs
  • You have the luxury of having a shower in your own home.
  • You get to wear your own clothes.
  • You can choose to listen to your favorite soothing music.
  • There is no waiting till your appointment.
  • The temperature can be adjusted according to what you feel most comfortable with.
  • You can choose to drink a herbal cup of tea or have something to eat of your choice in case you get hungry.

Advantages of receiving a massage at home

The advantages of receiving a massage at home is multifold, it makes a perfect ambience for relaxation and rejuvenation without having to worry about commuting or being late for a massage appointment. One thing that has become quite popular is theme-based massage parties. Women are choosing to have bachelorette or all women’s parties, where they can enjoy a spa-like experience together under one roof. Mobile massage therapists offer a range of massages and services that one can choose from. More and more people prefer fortnightly massages to help relieve stress and muscle tension due to the luxury of mobile massages.

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