How Shiatsu Massage Techniue Relaxes Foot?

Shiatsu foot massage is a natural massage procedure for your feet done by a therapist after a long day's work out. This is done by removing your shoes and scratching the soles of your feet.

Chafing your feet is something that you will be able to do without even recognizing what you are doing. It is a natural course which is taken to relieve the pressure and pain from your feet.

Shiatsu Foot Massage Benefits


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Shiatsu Foot Massage Benefits

One basic benefit of shiatsu foot massage which no one will contradict is that it feels good. As our feet are the most worked out organ in our body they become tired and stressed very soon. So when your foot is massaged you get a relief from your tiredness and pain.

Shiatsu foot massage has been proved scientifically that the benefits derived from this massage are really soothing. Whenever any part of the body is massaged, the circulation in that part increases. Since blood is the lifeline of each and every cell in our body it carries nutrients to the cells. The toxins are carried away from the cells by the blood. Thus it makes sense to say that if blood flow steps up to an area, then the region will be proportionally regenerated and cleaned. This is a fact. Thus we can conclude that there are foot massage benefits.

Another research proved that when shiatsu foot massage is carried out in patients who have undergone heart surgery they showed important decrease in the levels of their stress. Decrease in level of stress in the body helps our body both mentally and physically. Shiatsu foot massage gains can be best received only when a professional massage therapist conducts the massage.

Shiatsu Foot Massage Techniques

Some of the popular techniques of shiatsu foot massage are as follows:

  • Stroking: It's a technique which induces the blood vessels in your feet and encourages gentle heat.
  • Ankle rotation:It is a technique where by the foot is circumvolved in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction so that you can relax the foot right from the ankle joint.
  • Swiveling: The swiveling technique is performed to relax by changing the amount of pressure applied to the ball of the foot.
  • Kneading:It is a technique whereby the knuckles at the second joints are used.
  • Finger walking:It is a technique which involves walking fingers straight to your feet.
  • >Shiatsu foot massage is a therapy which can be enjoyed for ultimate relaxation.
Shiatsu Foot Massage
Shiatsu Foot Massage
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