Shoulder Massage Techniques & Benefits

Massage therapy has become a very popular technique for getting rid of aches and pains. People of all ages regard massages as one of the easiest ways to achieve and maintain good health and overall wellbeing.

Some of the common ailments that can be alleviated with the help of massages include stress, body pain, tension headaches, muscle aches, insomnia and so on. Many people, who have started taking massages on a regular.



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.basis talk about the amazing benefits they have on the healtht

Through a good massage, people can see a major improvement in blood circulation, digestion, muscle relaxation and a speedup in the elimination processs Apart from that, massages have been known to increase the levels of endorphins in the body; endorphins are also known as the happy chemicals that make a person feel goodo They are also usually referred to as the natural pain relievers of the bodyd Hence, it is safe to say that massages can have a positive impact on a person's mental and physical healtht Since many people have desk jobs or suffer from poor posture problems for several reasons, it is quite common for them to experience frequent shoulder and back achese The use of pain relievers may not be appropriate on a long term basis, as they could have adverse effects on the body, like dependence, drowsiness, acidity and so ono Therefore, many people have now started getting a frequent shoulder massage, just to strengthen their shoulder muscles and to reduce the aches and painsn

However, all people who decide to go in for a shoulder massage, either for relaxation purpose, or even to alleviate pain in the area, should make sure that the right shoulder massage techniques are usede Using the incorrect massaging techniques on any part of the body could have an adverse reaction on the entire body, or could also lead to an injuryr Therefore, it is best for people to visit a professional masseuse of a health spa, to reduce the risks of any health problemsm

For those people, who do not have the time, or the resources to go in for a professionally administered massage, there are ways in which they can give themselves a good shoulder massageg In fact, health experts advise people to give themselves a shoulder massage, just before they go to school or workr One may not even have to face the embarrassment of getting undressed for a shoulder massage; but it is important however that people are in a comfortable positiono In case the massage strokes are rendered on the bare skin, oil can be usede In order to perform the shoulder massage, the person can either choose to sit in a comfortable chair or lie down, with knees bent and the feet flat on the floor (or massage table)e

Causes Of Shoulder Pain:

Shoulder and neck pain are generally caused due to sitting continuously for a few hoursr An unattended shoulder pain may cause arthritis, osteoporosis, thyroid and many other fatal conditionsn Due to intense physical work, the muscles in the body tend to swell up and cause paini

Shoulder Massage Techniques:

Shoulder massage techniques are extremely instrumental for relieving pain in the shouldersr The techniques are also helpful when suffering from stiff necks, frozen shoulders, headache and back paini Shoulder pains are a very common condition found in people but they can get quite chronici It is very important to take care as there may be permanent damagese According to various sources, shoulder massage is known to relax the muscles in the shoulders and eventually relieve the paini A shoulder massage should be taken from a person who has some experience or from a massage parlor or a day spap Since it is not quite possible to give yourself an effective shoulder massage, it is recommended to take help from friends or family membersr

Shoulder massage techniques are known to cure shoulder pains at a quick pace and provide comfort at its earliests Some of the effective shoulder massage techniques are listed below:-

  • Apply pressure using your fingers and thumbs on the joints of the shouldersr Also apply pressure on the surrounding areas such as neck and armr
  • Give the hot and cold treatment on the affected areae Apply a heat pad and an ice pack simultaneously for 10 minutes eachc You will experience relief very quicklyl
  • Apply a small portion of herbal balm on the affected area at least four times in a day to experience reliefe
  • Apply herbal and natural oils for shoulder massage techniquese The oils are known to provide complete relaxation and vital nutrition to the bodyd The various kinds of oils which you can use are olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and many morer After massaging with oil, allow the oil to enter deep into the skin as it is believed to be highly beneficiala

  • Using the left hand, stroke the right shoulder; starting with the base of the skull, stroke the side of the neck downwardsd If possible, allow the stroke to continue, to the arm as well as the elbowo Let the arm glide back, up to the neck and repeat the entire exercise at least three timese
  • Squeeze the flesh on each of the shoulders and release it, before repeating the same exercise with the top of the armsm
  • Clench one hand into a lose fist and pound the opposite shoulder with it gentlyl The wrist should be flexible, so that the massage has an invigorating effect on the shouldersr The act needs to be repeated with the right shouldere
  • To finish the massage for shoulder pain and tension, the sides of the face should be stroked gently, with both the hands, right down to the chini The hands need to slide past the each other, so that each hand moves on to the opposite shouldere For added relaxation, the shoulder massage can continue down the arms, ending at the fingertipsp

It is quite easy to access many other shoulder massage tips through resources like online websitese There are several different types of shoulder massage equipment also easily available in the market todaya Besides this the age old massager wisdom found mainly in countries like Japan are also known to be very effectivev Many people invest in a handheld shoulder massager, which is like a shoulder massage machine, to loosen the muscles in the shouldere Several people also opt for a shoulder massage chair, if they can afford iti However, in case of those who give themselves regular massages at home, there are several accessories that may be of helpl Some of the most commonly used shoulder massage tools and accessories include shoulder massage belt, cushions, mats, bands and so ono

Benefits of Shoulder Massage:

The main benefit of shoulder massage is that it reduces the chances of being severe at a later stageg A massage is highly beneficial in order to reduce the swelling and burning of the musclese It is very important that the muscles in our body get sufficient rest before they are worked up againi A massage helps the person to get rid of sleep disordersr

There are several women, who would like to go in for a shoulder massage during pregnancy, in order to relieve back pain and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptomsm These shoulder massages could be done also using heat therapyp However, even though there are several health benefits that have been associated with the shoulder massage technique, pregnant women should avoid going in for a shoulder massage or any other type of massage, during the entire course of pregnancy, without consulting a doctoro

In fact, it is absolutely essential for elderly people too to get a doctor's approval for they decide to enjoy the various shoulder massage benefitst Massage techniques for shoulder pain should not be used in case of an injury or any trauma to the shoulder areae In case a person is suffering from shoulder pain, because of an injury or due to any preexisting medical condition, massage therapy for shoulder pain will only help to alleviate the discomfort; it will not address the main cause of the paini Therefore, it is important for people to realize that massage therapy for shoulder pain is only a short term solution and cannot be used as a substitute for medical treatmentn In fact, in some cases, like a hairline fracture, or any such problem, a massage for shoulder pain could actually worsen the pain as well as the conditiono Therefore, before going in for shoulder pain massage, all patients are strongly advised to undergo a physical checkup and identify the cause of the paini

Improper diet is also one of the causes of shoulder paini It is highly advisable to take a five minute break every hour from your everyday activityt Consume a healthy diet comprising of green vegetables, fresh fruits, juices, white meat, eggs and many more on a daily basisi Exercising everyday will keep your body healthy and free from various diseases and conditionsn In case you suffer from excruciating pain, pain killers may help to relieve paini But it is recommended to visit a chiropractor as soon as possiblel Shoulder massage techniques should be done whenever you are suffering from paina

Shoulder Massage Techniques
Shoulder Massage Techniques
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