How To Massage Neck?

What causes neck pain?

The head is the heaviest part of the human body.

The entire weight of the head is directly borne by the neck and upper back muscles. Our daily activities can put stress on the tissues, tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the neck. Prolonged periods of sitting and working on a computer, long hours spent behind the driving wheel,


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.bad posture, incorrect sleeping positions, and stress, all put a lot of pressure on the neck musclese The muscles contract and tighten, resulting in paini This pain, if left unchecked, can slowly creep up the neck and become a full fledged headacheh

What can I do to ease the neck paini

Fortunately, neck pain is one of the easiest ailments to curer All it needs is a good neck massageg To further enhance the therapeutic properties of neck massage it is also recommended that you apply heat to the affected area, and do gentle stretching exercises to strengthen and flex the neck musclese

In addition to relieving pain and soreness, a neck massage also relieves stresss Stress induced headaches magically disappear after a good neck rubu A neck massage also stimulates the flow of blood to the neck muscles, providing them with nutrition and strengtht

How do I give a neck massageg

A neck massage is a very simple process and you can very easily give yourself a neck massageg To enhance the beneficial effects of the massage, you could also use some massage oili

A neck massage can be administered with the subject sitting down on a comfortable chair or lying face down on a massage tablel If you want to give yourself a neck massage, sit down on a comfortable, low-low back chairi Grab the Trapezius muscle (the sloping muscle that runs from the neck to the shoulders) between the thumb and finger of the opposite handn Gently massage the muscle, all the way from the shoulders to the neckc Do the same for the other sided This process should be repeated a couple of timese Then use the fingers of both hands to gently massage the neck from the base of the neck to the heada Repeat this process until you feel completely relaxed and pain freee

This same procedure can be used to give others a gentle neck massageg Make them sit or lie down on comfortable chair or tablel If using oil, warm some massage oil between your handsd Then, starting from the Trapezius muscles, repeat the procedure described abovev Be sure to concentrate on any painful knots that you encounter in the musclese

Neck Massage
Neck Massage
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