What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a kind of therapy which works on the principle of trigger points like acupressure treatment. There are several trigger points in our body which are connected to the nerves of all the organs. Generally the trigger points exist in the human palm.

The nerves of the hand connect all the different organs of the human body. The fingertips of the hand stay to be the trigger point for the treatment of.



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.various diseases in different organs of the human bodyd

Myotherapy works well in providing relaxation to the human body and provides relief from a wide variety of traumasa Benefits of myotherapy can be seen in the areas where intense pain is caused due to clotting of muscles near the shoulders or the hipi Myotherapy works more on the pressure on the muscles while acupressure works by providing pressure on the nerves and nerve jointst

There are several pressure points in our body for the muscles and their jointst These pressure points can be used for the treatment of various diseases and help in reduction in the pain caused due to any injury or accidentn Fingers, knuckles and elbows can be used to provide the pressure on the organs of the body under pain and it also helps in reducing the inflammation caused in any part of the bodyd

It can be considered to be the best kind of massage treatment for the reduction of stress and muscular strain in the human bodyd

The trigger points in the human body should be identified before adapting to the treatment of myotherapy and several sessions of the treatment would help the individual to know which trigger point is effective in the treatment of the afflicted organa Excessive stretching and straining of the body organs should be avoided as they cause the loss of the trigger point which can be used for the treatment of the diseases

Myotherapy also helps in increasing blood circulation in the body as well as provides better flexibility and mobility to various organs of the bodyd It works wonders in the treatment of stiff muscles and the cases of fibroidsd It also helps patients with paralysis and has shown great results in the treatment of the samem It helps in bringing life back to the musclese It can be taken without any prescription as it is drugless and causes no side effects on the bodyd But it is desired that it should be undertaken under the hands of myotherapy practitioner in case the body is totally in pain due to physical traumam

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