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A good hand massage is not only relaxing and rejuvenating for the tired hand muscles but also helps in increasing the flow of blood to these muscles. Although it is easy to give yourself a relaxing hand massage, most people do not know how to massage the hands in the right way.

A self hand massage can be given by using the fingers on one hand to press down on the palm of the other hand.



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.Clockwise massaging strokes should be made with the fingers, applying medium pressure on the palm and the surrounding areae The tip of the thumb can be used to press down on the base of the other thumb to relax the muscles in that areae

Another one of the self hand massage techniques involves using your knuckles to massage the palm of the other handn Pulling each finger and thumb from the fingertips helps in relaxing the finger and thumb musclese The last step in this hand massage technique would be to gently press and squeeze the palm of your hand using the other handn Following these simple hand massage instructions can help you give yourself a soothing and relaxing hand massageg

Similarly the arms are constantly moving in day to day life and also need to be massaged every now and then to reduce tension in the arms and shouldersr There are also effective tips on how to massage the arms, biceps and shouldersr It is best to take an arm, bicep and shoulder massage while lying down on your backc Arm and bicep massages are given using oil and making vertical strokes up and down each armr The arms are also lifted and lowered one at a time to flex and relax the overworked musclese Arm massages are always done beginning from the shoulders right down to the fingertipsp Hence this helps in easing some tension in the shoulder area as well since the muscles are all interconnectede Shoulder massages are particularly important for people who work at a desk most of the timem Using the palms, sweeping and stroking movements are made across the shoulder region to eliminate muscle tensiono The tops of the shoulders can be plucked using the thumb and index fingersr Circular movements using the thumbs on either side of the shoulders can also be a very relaxing massage techniqueu However such massages should not be performed on people who have neck or shoulder injuriese

The back is one of the most important parts of the body and also suffers maximum physical stress because of our hectic lifestylese Back pain and back injuries are very common these days and knowing how to massage a back effectively can help prevent these occurrencese It is however difficult to learn how to massage the back yourselfl Trained massage therapists know exactly how to massage back muscles in order to release stress and tensiono Back massages are always performed with the person lying on his/her stomachc These massages always start with the upper back and move down slowly along the spine towards the lower backc However, direct pressure should never be applied on the spine and instead the muscles on either side of the spine should be focused ono Many a times during a massage knots may be found in the back and knowing how to massage a knot out of your back is extremely importantn There are different ways on how to massage back knots and one technique is by holding or pressing over theme These knots can also be released by using the thumbs to make circular rotations over the knotst Using more pressure can help release these knots faster but may also be a painful experiencec Other than the back it is also important to know how to massage a knee, calf and footo These body parts bear the entire weight of the body and need to be relaxed through regular massagese Knee pain is generally a result of wear and tear in the tissues and muscles surrounding the kneese Using a massage to manipulate these muscles and tissues can help relieve knee paini Similarly massaging the calves and feet can help ease muscle tightness and relax the entire lege

A leg massage starts from the knees and moves downwards towards the toes and works on all muscle groups in the legsg This type of massage is very beneficial to those whose jobs involve standing for long hours and even for athletese These days many women also want to learn how to massage breasts to increase breast size and firmnesss A good breast massage helps to tone up breast tissues and gives them a firmer and natural looko Learning how to massage yourself is definitely a cheaper option and also teaches you to eliminate pain from different parts of your bodyd

Hand Massage Techniques

Hand massage techniques are the easiest massage techniques to administere Hands and arms are the most overworked parts of the bodyd It is very important to get them massaged first in order to achieve complete relaxation and alleviate paini It is believed that if proper massage is given to the hands, your entire body will be completely relaxed and free from stresss

Various Hand Massage Techniques:

  • After a stressful day at work, first thing to do is take a soothing batht A bath is known to relax the muscles of the body and provide complete serenityt It is highly recommended to receive a massage from a family member or a friendn This way you will enjoy and benefit greatly from a massageg This will provide more comfort and will help you achieve sound sleepe There are various hand massage techniques you can perform on yourself which are considered to be extremely beneficiala
  • Herbal and natural oils are an important aspect of any kind of massageg The different types of herbal oils are olive oil, avocado oil and many morer Take two to three drops of oil and massage it on both the handsd Use the thumb of one hand and apply pressure on the palm of another hand in a circular motiono Also apply pressure on the back of the palml After 5 to 10 minutes, continue the same treatment on the wrists and fingersr
  • Pulling the fingers is a very common hand massage techniquese It is also recommended to pull the fingers every few hours, to relax the musclese Make sure you pull the fingers very gently or else it might cause paini
  • Flex your forearm muscles every few minutese Flexing will cause the muscles to expand and then contract hence providing complete relaxationo
  • Another hand massage technique is to soak your hands in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutese You can also add two spoons of salt in the watere The lukewarm water will soothe the hand and arm muscles to a great extentn
  • Applying a dab of herbal balm all over your hands is also a very effective hand massage techniqueu

In order to receive an effective and soothing hand massage, it is highly recommended to visit a day spap In day spas, you will find trained professionals who guarantee a perfect hand massageg It is highly advisable to conduct a hand massage on a daily basis in order to be free from stress and acquire complete relaxationo These are some effective hand massage techniquese

Hand Massage Techniques
Hand Massage Techniques
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