Unified Field Therapy

Unified Field Therapy is a unique, holistic, non-invasive, energy-based form of therapy that helps to remove any blockages in an individual's energy field and thereby helps him or her to re-connect with the Unified Field of the Universe.

How Does Unified Field Therapy Work?

The Unified Field is an energy matrix that permeates the entire universe.


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All life stems from the Unified Field and our physical, mental and emotional selves are all bound to this energy in an interconnected matrix. Any ailment that occurs is a result of an imbalance in the energy field of our body. Even the way we perceive ourselves, the choices we make and the lives we choose to lead are governed by the individual patterns of the Unified Field that exists within us.

Research has proved that these patterns, which are established over a period of time, can be altered to result in a more positive way of life. The channeling of the energy field by a trained therapist can help to break the never-ending chain of negativity and help to restore the patient to a positive and healthy life. In doing so, the therapist also helps to cure any physical symptoms that may be associated with these negative patterns or energy blockages.

A therapist trained in Unified Field Therapy can read the patient's energy field and identify where the disruptions lie. Once the source of the disruption in the Unified Field has been identified, the therapist can channel power of the Field to remove these blockages and mold the energy patterns into a more positive and beneficial shape.

This is done by entering a deep meditative state in which the spinning vortex of energy of the Unified Field can be directly accessed by the therapist and the patient.

Unified Field Therapy is a non-invasive form of therapy that does not require any form of touch or personal contact. In fact, expert therapists can even help to heal people at remote locations. The therapist enters a deep meditative state and connects with the patient's energy field to determine the root cause of any physical, mental or emotional complaints. Once the cause of the ailment has been located, the therapist will guide the power of the Unified Field to the patient so that any negative energy patterns are released and the patient is healed. The frequency of the sessions is determined by the needs of the patient. On an average, a session every two weeks has tremendous positive benefits.

Unified Field Therapy
Unified Field Therapy
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