Leg Massage Techniques

Leg massage techniques are known to be quite popular all around the world. People coming home from a hard day's work are often seen complaining about aching legs and feet.

Conducting leg massage techniques on a daily basis will not only relieve pain but also recuperate the leg muscles.

Causes of Leg Pain:-


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Causes of Leg Pain:-

There are many reasons as to why people suffer from regular leg pains. These causes can be easily avoided if the right treatment is applied. Some of the main causes of leg pain are listed below:-

  • Sitting or standing for many hours of the day.
  • Hours of running or walking.
  • Lifting heavy weights.
  • Previous leg injury
  • Lack of healthy diet
  • Arthritis and other various chronic diseases

Leg muscles can be easily relaxed with the help of your hands. Sometimes, experimenting on the affected area with your hands does the trick of relaxing the legs. There are various leg massage techniques which you can do all by yourself or with the help of a family member or friend. These techniques are safe and can be applied by people of all age groups. Some of the leg massage techniques that can be done at home are as follows:-

  • Apply pressure on the hamstrings and shins with the use of your fingertips. Keep switching the hand positions every few seconds
  • Press each thigh with both your hands by applying pressure with the help of your palm.
  • Apply pressure on the entire leg with the use of your elbows.

    The elbow will have a much deeper impact on the affected area.
  • Use your knuckles to apply pressure on the calves and thighs.
  • Give the hot and cold treatment to the entire leg. Apply a heat pad and an ice pack simultaneously for five minutes each.

It is highly recommended to use natural or herbal oils in the leg massage process. The oils give a soothing effect and make you feel much better. Some of the useable oils are olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil and many more. These oils can be purchased from supermarkets. It is also advisable to receive a leg massage from a professional masseur or a physical therapist. The masseur will be able to give you a massage according to your body's needs. In case you suffer from frequent leg pains, consult a doctor immediately as you might be affected with a chronic disorder.

Leg Massage Techniques
Leg Massage Techniques
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