Warming Massage Oil

Submitted by JoyLife Therapeutics on January 8, 2013

Massage has long been considered one of the best way to stimulate or soothe the muscles of the body. If you are preparing yourself for a strenuous physical activity, a stimulating massage is just what you need. However, if you have had a hard time getting over an injury or a muscle spasm, a soothing massage oil can help relax the muscles and ease the pain

Soothing Touch Massage Oil


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Soothing Touch Massage Oil

A soothing touch massage oil can help achieve both these ends faster. When coupled with dimmed lights and some music, a pure touch massage oil can also help set the mood for a perfect romantic evening. For ages, infusions and mixtures of herbs and their oils have been extremely effective.

Though unfortunately, in a spa this experience can often cost more than you are willing to pay for. Luckily, there are several ways you can make warming massage oils right at home, using specific essential oils which are warm in nature.

Heavenly Nights Warming Massage Oil

To make a heavenly night warming massage oil which can help you relax your body completely, you will have to know a little more about the chemical and healing properties of the different essential oils that are easily available.

Since essential oils can be really hot and can burn your skin with just one drop, use a light vegetable oil to start off as the base. To make a flavored warming massage oil, use olive or coconut as the base oil. These oils are smooth against the skin and help moisturize the skin deeply.

To the base oil, add herbal oils which are inherently hot and can help dilate blood vessels and relax muscles. A few drops of lavender essential oil can do the trick. Lavender's aroma is very pleasing as well as relaxing and the oil is also great for the skin. Heat the oil over a saucepan before mixing it. Cook the base oil mixed with the essential oil for a few minutes and turn the heat off just before the oil is about to boil. Now that the oil has cooked, allow it to cool for about half an hour. Once it has cooled, use a cheesecloth or filter paper to filter and purify the oil. If the oil has any impurities, they would have burnt up in the heat. These burnt up impurities will form a separate layer which can be then separated using this cheese cloth.

Lotus Touch Body Oil Massage

You can also make a lotus touch massage oil for a relaxing body oil massage. Some other essential oils that you can mix with a base oil are white sage and geranium essential oils and a mixture of Pyrenees lavender and cardamom oils. Cinnamon oil is also considered hot enough for a relaxing massage.

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