Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments are different from the vast majority of orthodox and traditional remedies and its uniqueness lies in its approach of treating the sick person as the whole rather than just the sickness.

The rationale all forms of ayurvedic treatments is that these treatments do not cure a disease in isolation; rather the individual in his or her entirety is taken into consideration.



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.All forms of ayurvedic treatments lay special importance or significance on examining the individual's condition and the personality on the whole before proceeding with the charting out any form of treatmentn In ayurvedic treatment, the ayurvedic practitioner assesses the individual's physical constitution, sensitivity to disorders, emotional and mental status, and the current lifestyle as conformed to the constitution of nature or the universes There is great emphasis played on the elements and according to ayurvedic belief, the human body is manifested in any of the three types water or earth, fire, and airi In the study of the fluent performance of the body is hindered when there are instabilities in any of these elements thus leading to all kinds of diseasese

All kinds of ayurvedic treatments or therapies takes into account the physical aspect, mind and soul of the individual as the basis for accurate diagnosisi Hence, ayurveda acknowledges destructive emotions such as wrath, fearfulness, anxiety, envy and avarice as faulty form of thoughts on the part of an individuala According to ayurveda such damaging emotions directly produce an instability thus attributing to illnesss

The goal of all kinds of ayurvedic treatments is to help release toxins in the body and eliminate the excessese The primary aim of the ayurvedic treatments is to reinstate the balance and restore calm and harmony to the mental statet Ayurvedic treatments are known to be deeply cleansing in nature while purifying the senses as well as the physical selfl Some forms of ayurvedic treatments include - herbal oil treatments and exfoliations, application of herbal oils and relaxation treatment, herbal oil anointment and steam treatment, ayurvedic body treatment, ayurvedic sinus treatment, skin and lymphatic detoxification, skin and lymphatic detox and relaxation therapy, robust herbal oil therapy, forceful and energetic herbal oil application and relaxation therapy, etct The power of all forms of ayurvedic treatments lies in their adept ability to treat and cure existent disorders and upsets as well as raise the level of general health and welfare in the individuala Ayurvedic massages have a variety of therapeutic abilities and use a synergetic alliance of precious essential oils and carefully prepared herbal concoctions and preparation from herbs and their extractst

Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayurvedic Treatments
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