Ayurvedic medicins and increasing height

(June 14, 2011)

Are there any Aayurvedic Medicines available for Height Growing at the age of 28

The height of an individual is dependent on a few factors, some of which are beyond the control of the individual. The most obvious factor associated with an individual’s height is his or her genetic background. Generally speaking, taller parents tend to produce taller children and vice versa. Height is an issue that can be bothersome to certain individuals who are conscious of their lack of height. Taller people tend not to worry about the fact that they are too tall. The question is how to grow taller or how can I grow taller. There are a number of people who advertise the fact that one can grow taller using supplements. However, these should be ignored because most of them are based on rather sketchy science. Furthermore, untested supplements and medications should be avoided for all people.

There is considerable debate about how to grow taller naturally. Science would suggest that this is not possible under any circumstances. An individual will be as tall as he or she is born to be. Naturally, the nutrition of a growing child is important as the child will not be able to attain his or her full height unless properly fed. Assuming that pre-natal and post-natal nutrition is normal, the child should grow to the height that is determined by his or her gene pool. One thing that can be applied is yoga for height. Yoga is a practice that involves improving the efficiency of the body. Yoga helps to tone the body and boost metabolism through improved respiration and improved blood circulation.

When considering yoga for height, it is important to understand various aspects of the body. Most people tend to have a poor posture which does not help them when it comes to developing height. A poor posture leads to a situation where the spine is relatively compressed and thus not as long as it can be. Thus, one can use yoga asanas to help stretch the back and bring it to its optimal shape and size. There are many yoga poses that work to stretch the back and improve posture. A side benefit of these poses is the fact that the muscles in the back will also get toned and will be able to carry some of the load that is placed on the back.

There are several standing yoga positions that can help improve an individual’s posture. The most common amongst these is the Tadasana position. The Tadasana position is known as the mountain pose. In this position, the individual stands straight with arms held above the head. The palms are touching each other with the fingers pointing directly upwards. Once one is in this pose, it is important to improve the pose itself. Regular deep breathing must be practiced during this yoga pose. As one is standing, one should lock the knees and then attempt to lift the back by pushing the arms upwards. One will feel a very pleasant sensation as the back stretches. This position can be held for a few minutes but most people hold it for a few seconds as part of the sun salutation sequence. These yoga poses will all help improve the flexibility and strength of the back. For someone who asks the question how to increase height and how to get taller, it is useful to apply the Tadasana position for a little extra time when doing the sun salutation sequence and even after that.

The upward and downward dog sequence is also very useful when considering yoga for height. Both these poses help to improve the flexibility of the back. The cat and camel poses also perform the same functions even though they are not normally included in the sun salutation sequence of yoga postures.

The shoulder stand is another position that can help buildup the back’s strength and flexibility. While this position actually puts more weight on the back, it helps as the individual has to stretch the back, thus making the muscles work to hold the load placed on the back. Yoga postures can be used for a number of different areas of the body. However, it is only the back that tends to be compressed in normal life which is why yoga exercises that help to stretch the back will help with height increase as well.

When we consider yoga for height increase, it is important to understand that the increase in height will not be exceptional. One cannot overcome the limitations of the individual’s bone structure using yoga. What yoga does manage to do is to make the most of the body of the individual. People must understand that any height increase program that offers inches of height increase is dealing in myths.

During childhood, it is possible to help augment the growth of the child. Good, healthy nutrition is important to ensure that the child’s body develops normally and in a healthy manner. Furthermore, the body of the child will benefit from regular exercise and action. Children who are involved in sport tend to develop in a healthier way than those that aren’t involved in sports. Yoga is completely universal in its approach. This means that the individual is able to perform yoga from a young age. There are various yoga classes that offer courses for young children. When doing yoga poses and yoga postures at a young age, one is only helping the body be more efficient. Over time, this will help to develop proper muscles and will also help with bone development.

While these steps are useful for parents to take and to recommend to their children, it should be noted that even such steps will result in a marginal increase in height. At best, the child may grow an inch taller than he or she would were it not for the exercises being performed. Parents must therefore not put pressure on their children to try and make them grow taller as this will probably have a negative effect on the child’s psyche and will likely make the child conscious of his or her lack of height.

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Ayurvedic medicines and increasing height 

At the age of 28, it is physically impossible to grow any taller than you already are. Please do not fall for any gimmicks or medicines that claim to make you taller, as it is not possible for the bone structure to get either elastic or grow out longer after a certain age. However you can boost your self esteem as well as concentrate on physical fitness through exercise in addition to having safe Ayurvedic supplements such as spirulina.

The hormone responsible for growth is at its peak during the teenage years, also known as adolescence. However this hormone that is responsible for height decreases its production gradually and ends as the individual reaches adulthood. Hence at the age of 28 it is not likely that you will increase any height or grow any taller with the help of supplementations or pills.
There are allopathic suggestions such as growth hormonal injections or surgeries that involve the lengthening of the skull or spine to increase height. However these are extremely dangerous and there is no guarantee of a safe and effective outcome. Stretching exercises if done regularly can help to straighten your spine and also increase metabolism as well as tone your muscles. Moreover a straightened walking posture can also give off an appearance of being taller.

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