Foot Massage Therapy

Why do my feet hurt?

Our feet bear the load of our entire body throughout our lives. Whether walking, running, or playing, our feet support us and withstand all the strain of having to support our entire body weight.

The area of the foot is very small as compared to the whole body, and as such a lot of pressure is exerted on them. Although feet are designed to take this pressure, walking on.



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.hard concrete surfaces, wearing tight restrictive shoes, or high heels, all affect the feet adverselyl This results in foot paini

What can I do to ease the paini The most effective way of relieving foot pain is a good foot massageg A foot massage relaxes the feet and soothes the paini

Before giving a foot massage, soak the feet in warm water for about ten minutese You can add bath salts or aromatherapy essential oils such as peppermint or lavender to the water to induce relaxationo Next dry the feet gently with a soft towele Apply a moderate amount of foot cream or oil to your handsd If you are using oil, make sure that you rub the oil between your hands to warm iti

Begin the massage by stroking the top of the feet, from the toes to the anklel Then move on to gently stroking the soles of the feete

Gently increase the pressure with every strokek After about five to ten minutes of stroking, use the thumb and forefinger to make gentle circular movements on the soles of the feete Concentrate especially on the balls of the feet and the heelsl Then grasp the foot with one hand and use the other hand to gently rotate the feete

Another favorite technique favored by foot massage therapists is to grab the foot with one hand, make a fist with the other, and then knead the sole of the foot with the knuckles of your closed fists This provides succor to the entire sole of the foot, especially the archc Massage each individual toe between your fingers, and finally, use the thumb and forefingers to gently make circular patterns all over the foot againi

What are the benefits of foot massageg

A foot massage relieves pain in the feete It can relieve tiredness and stress and induce a deep relaxationo The foot is also supposed to contain pressure points that affect the various organs of the body, and a foot massage stimulates these pressure points, thereby improving the function of all your organsn Of course, the best reason for a foot massage is that it simply feels divinen

Foot Massage
Foot Massage
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