Yoga for plantar fascitis

(November 12, 2007)

I wld like to know some yoga poses & asanas for plantar fascitis, since i have pain in my heels.

Plantar fasciitis can be an extremely painful condition characterized by pain in  either  your heel or up towards the ball of the foot. The ligament of the arch  tearing away from  the  heel  causes  it.While prevention is the best cure, there  are some asanas  that might  help  with  the  pain. Start any yoga practice slowly and make sure never to push yourself further than you  feel comfortable,  or you may tear ligaments  even  more. Downward facing dog is perhaps the best  for Plantar Fasciitis. Make sure to  push down through  your  heel, but only as much as feel comfortable.Pushing too  much may cause  more  pain. After you  have  done  several downward facing dogs (connected with a vinyasa),sit on your mat and do seated forward bend. Grab your  toes and  pull your chest  downwards. Once again, make  sure you do not over stretch. Hold  your seated forward bend  for at least  30  seconds.You may also find some relief from  some  standing  asanas such as Tree  pose and prayer  pose.Make sure you push downwards into your feet and extend your toes as much as possible.Feel the ground with your entire foot and try to imagine  your entire foot being fat on  the ground.Stretching your ligaments in this way will help lengthen the ligamentsin your feet.

Submitted by R W on November 12, 2007 at 01:06

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