Esalen Massage Therapy

The Esalen massage therapy is a class of massage curatives that is a variant of the conventional Swedish massage. Esalen massage treatment does use various aerodynamic strokes and is often confused with being known as the Swedish massage technique, but the focal point and the primary aim of Esalen massage therapy is the differentiating factor from Swedish massage.

The goal of the Esalen massage therapy is to.



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.focus on the body as a whole, and attempts in harmonizing the body, mind and spirit while also assisting the patient to experience comfort on the wholel The school of thought that founded the Esalen massage therapy was based Gestalt psychotherapy, concentrating on the emotional attributes and spiritual recuperation that arises due to the massage as well as bringing about benefits to the physical constitution of the individuala Professionals and therapists of Esalen massage therapy are of the belief that physical contact is not just one of the many benefits of this particular therapy but that touch is an important necessity for the body, as fundamental and essential as nutrition and water, and that touch therapy can contribute to greater gladness and healing in the body and mindn

In an Esalen massage therapy sitting, the individual is clothed with a sheet or towel and nothing elses The therapist then combines long flowing strokes with a range of massage techniquese Each therapist takes a cue from the patient's reactions to determine the next set of strokes or massage technique in the sessiono

Through verbal dialog and physical reactions the therapist tries bringing amount as much healing and comforting as possible to the individuala

While the profits of Esalen massage therapy are often not considered as therapeutical as other forms of physical therapy like Swedish massage, there are numerous advantages that can be accomplishede

Some of them include-

  • Complete relaxation - Esalen massage therapy brings about profound and overwhelming tranquility of the body as well as the mindn Since relaxation in itself extends lowered stress levels at the mental and physical level, stress relief is a compounded advantage that is often achievede
  • The most evident benefit of Esalen massage is that the massage enhances blood circulation all through the body, which in turn endures the body to resist illnesses and maladies, as well as initiate the body's natural healing processs The touch and physical contact in the Esalen therapy promotes healing in the body and mind bringing about mental wellness, emotional healing and thus physical well-being on the wholel
Esalen Massage
Esalen Massage
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