Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic Movement Therapy is a gentle movement therapy that involves stretching and breathing exercises to realign the body and the mind. This form of movement therapy is based on various other body-work methods such as Feldenkrais, Yoga, Rolfing, etc.

It teaches proper postural alignment with fluidity of movement and proper respiration.

How Does Somatic Movement Therapy work?


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How Does Somatic Movement Therapy work?

Movement is something that we learn in the womb. Nobody teaches us how to move our limbs, or stand on our two feet, or how to walk, run or play. These are all things that are wired hard into our system naturally. Unfortunately, more often than not the natural pattern of movement gets distorted due to congenital problems, hectic lifestyles and the artificial environment that we inhabit. When the movement is not natural, it leads to unnecessary stress on our limbs. This leads to aches and pains and injuries.

Similarly, even though nobody teaches us to breathe, over the years we lose the ability to breathe properly. When our minds are distracted by a thousand problems, it is easy to lose focus on how we are inhaling and exhaling. This leads to fatigue and respiratory ailments.

Somatic Movement Therapy aims to correct these imbalances and teaches us how to move naturally and breathe correctly.

It teaches individuals to become aware of their bodies and to move and function in a manner that ensures that all the various parts of the body function in a harmonious manner. Somatic Movement Therapy comprises of postural training, gentle stretching and breathing exercises that restore the body to its natural form of movement.

What Are The Benefits of Somatic Movement Therapy?

This form of exercise therapy helps to balance the neuromuscular system. Somatic Movement Therapy also helps to decrease muscular tension, improves the posture, restores full movement to all the body parts, and increases sensory awareness. It helps the mind to become in tune with the body. In this manner it helps to heal the body of movement related injuries and leads to a healthier life.

Somatic Movement Therapy also promotes flexibility and is helpful in alleviating pain in the limbs and joints. It is extremely beneficial for the elderly and for people suffering from strains and sprains. This form of therapy can be carried out safely in the confines of your home or office and does not require the use of any expensive equipment. It is a proactive form of therapy that empowers the patient by teaching him or her how to use the body in an optimum manner that will ensure good health.

Somatic Movement Therapy
Somatic Movement Therapy
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