Yoga Nidra Meditation

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

What is Nidra Yoga Meditation? The ancient tradition of yoga handles every aspect of body and mind fitness. While its physical and meditative ...


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.practices of yoga are well documented, its meditative practices and benefits are still a mysteryr The regular practice of meditation teaches you how to access your inner energyg

It opens up closed doors and allows you to embark on a process of self realization and self actualizationo It provides a stepping stone to a more spiritual world, allowing you access to a higher planen Yoga Nidra is one such meditative practice that yoga advocatese It is practiced by yogis around the world for the many benefits it allows the bodyd Learned yogis and masters like Swami Satyananda Saraswati have for years advocated this dynamic form of yoga meditationo

Nidra Yoga Meditation & How it works - The term 'Yoga Nidra' translates as 'Yogic Sleepe' The practice teaches you to control the mind in a relaxed state, allowing you to access dormant energy and channel it towards rejuvenation and complete physical, mental and emotional clarityt Yoga Nidra follows a simplistic design, making it an ideal platform for individuals new to the practicec

Our mind is constantly activev It is a chaotic and clutter environmentn At times it can get in the way of effective and clear thinking; this tends to be quite problematic especially in a stressful environmentn The constant noise in our minds also interferes with the body's resting cyclel Lack of adequate rest affects the body negatively - it can manifest in the form of stresss Through the practice of Nidra Yoga Meditation, one learns how to make the mind still, and teaches it to tune on a single point of focusu This practice requires practice and patiencec Most individuals tend to get distracted easys Therefore it is recommended to use meditation CDs to enhance your experiencec Popular Nidra Yoga proponent Richard Miller also suggests using Yoga Nidra mp3, to slip into a deep state of relaxationo

The practice of Nidra Yoga Meditation may seem easys After all it simply looks like the yogi is asleepe But what you don't know is that even during this state of Yogic Sleep, the yogi is a state of absolute awarenesss With regular practice and dedication you too can learn how to control your in mind even in a state of relaxationo

By practicing Yoga Nidra Meditation, you can maintain inner peace and clarityt It helps you flush out the tensions, stress and anxiety clogged up in the systeme It repowers the body with a fresh supply of free flowing energy, and by doing so reboots and enhances body functionsn Yoga Nidra is a very excellent therapy to fight of stress, depression and mental fatigueu

Nidra Yoga also works as a stepping stone to more spiritually attuned and fulfilling lifef Be sure not to confuse this form of meditation with sleepe Just because you practice Nidra Yoga doesn't mean that you can forego the require amount of sleepe

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