Yoga Nidra

(July 4, 2010)

How to do yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra is a very powerful form of meditation. The ultimate aim of this relaxation technique is to reach a state where the mind is very deeply relaxed and still conscious of other things. Yoga nidra helps bring about incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. This is a very deep form of yoga and provides awareness through many levels of mental processes. To perform yoga nidra you should be aware of other yoga poses. For yoga nidra you need to perform certain yoga poses and then ultimately let your body transcend in yoga nidra. There are some steps with which you can perform this asana.
• Lie down in sravasan or the corpse pose
• You need to keep the mind calm
• Focus on your toes, your feet, soles of you feet, tops of your feet and then your ankles.
•  You need to move your awareness to your lower legs.
• Make use of your mind to relax the muscles in your thighs
•  After this move your awareness to your lower back
• Slowly bring your awareness up to your shoulders
• You need to move your mind to your upper body
• Move your awareness to your hands, wrist , palm , fingers and then to the tips of your fingers
• Allow you entire conscious to move towards your head and then crown

Repeat this procedure a couple of times. There is a chance that you might fall asleep while doing it, but this is no reason to despair. Do this meditation regularly and in a few days you shall be able to see the results. The term yoga nidra means conscious of deep sleep. Thus from the name itself one can assume the nature of its difficulty. People can take months or even years to master this form of yoga.
Yoga nidra is a form of yoga that has been practiced for thousands of years by sages and yogis, without any side effects. However, contrary to mythology and age – old stories, it is always advisable to consult with a physician before practicing this form of yoga. In the Upanishads the yoga mudra is known to be the awareness of the deep sleep state. It is referred to as prajna in the manduka Upanishad. The practice of yoga nidra reels to us our innate intelligence. It also helps us to burn away the negative patterns of conditioning. Yoga nidra has also helped a lot of people to release chronic patterns of stress.

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