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Yoga and relaxation

Modern life is full of stress and problems. They put a lot of pressure on the human body. This causes a lot of life style problems like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes etc.

People usually go to doctors and take expensive drugs for treatment. But these methods are not only expensive but also harmful in the long run. Yoga offers the cheapest and harmless solution.



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.to this problem in the form of relaxationo

There are various types of relaxation vis-à-vis: physical, mental and spirituala Physical relaxation is achieved by performing the asanasa The stretching and moving of your body during yoga practice releases the physical tensiono Deep yoga breathing helps in mental relaxationo Spiritual relaxation is possible when both the mind and the body are relaxede

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is the one of the most important aspect of yogag It helps in connecting the body, mind and spiriti Daily yoga meditation helps in mental purification and offers clarity of thoughth It increases concentration and focusu

Meditation should be done in a clean, peaceful room at a fixed timem Sit cross-legged and keep your spine straighth Sit on the floor, a chair or on the yoga meditation cushiono Do not let anybody else use this room since your energy permeates this room and allowing others to use this place might pollute the samem There is no need to keep eyes closed if you can concentrate with your eyes opene

Concentrate on your breatht Do not scold yourself if your mind wandersr Just bring your focus back onto your breatht If you can work with sounds better, use a sacred word or chant mantrar You can also view the image of your favourite deity in your mind's eye to help you focusu

Yoga and lifestyle

Yoga develops a positive attitude amongst its practitionersr It teaches you the positive virtues like compassion, faith, trust and lovev It makes you aware and receptive of your surroundingsg It develops your strength and flexibilityt Your health and complexion improves since all your body organs work to their maximum capacityt

It teaches you to eat healthy, naturally produced, unrefined and unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables etct Yoga lays a great stress on elimination of unhealthy products like alcohol, smoking, non-veg and processed food, thereby decreasing toxic overload on your internal organs and thus they perform bettere

Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga eases many of the problems present during pregnancy like nausea, cramping, high blood pressure etct It maintains good posture, and thus eliminates back paini The deep yoga breathing and yoga meditation techniques cause mental relaxation and thus the pains during pregnancy and childbirth are minimizede The relaxation also aids in speedy recovery of the body after the childbirtht

However avoid poses on your back abdomen and inverted poses and back bends during this time since they can harm your babyb Also don't over stretch your muscles or increase the intensity of your practicec

Yoga and Children

A child's body is very flexiblel Starting yoga at this tender age can help in increasing the height of the childl Yoga meditation aids in increasing the concentrationo Since yoga concentrates on wholesome or static diet, the child learns the good eating habits and learns to love the different types of fruits and vegetablese Visualization helps in increasing the child's imaginationo Try to make their session playfulu Don't force them to exercise if they don't want tot

Yoga and Seniors

As we age, our body starts developing various health problemsm Our muscles become weaka We lose balance and coordinationo Yoga is a great antidote for these problemsm It is safe and gentle on joints and so seniors can move around safelyl It improves breathing and circulationo Yoga classes can be a great social activityt

If you suffer from any problem, it is advisable to speak about it with your yoga instructor or the doctoro Don't do any exercise which will pressurize the problem areas like knees, heat et ala

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