Increasing Your Concentration With Yoga

By Patricia | December 18, 2008
Increasing Your Concentration With Yoga

What Yoga Exercises Can Be Done To Concentrate In Studies

Well, yoga exercises and the breath work will help you build up your concentration and focus better. Here are a few simple techniques to build up concentration:

  • Choose a comfortable and peaceful room in your house where you can do this. Wear a loose garment and sit in an upright position with your legs crossed. Exhale and inhale deeply. Do this on the count of 1 to 15. Focus on your movements as you breathe and feel the breath as it moves through your abdomen and chest.
  • Remain in this pose and continue breathing in a rhythmic pattern. You can attempt this posture while lying down. A relaxing exercise, this helps to calm the mind and build concentration.
  • Guided Visualization: This technique can be used for several purposes. Parents or teachers can use this with children to help them overcome certain fears. Some might be scared of the water or of heights or of trying something new. Through guided visualization, an adult or therapist can help the child visualize their aim. This can be done by lying on a yoga mat and practicing yogic breathing techniques. The child had to close his eyes and breather deeply. The therapist will slowly and serenely spell out the situation, taking the child through each step by imagining and speaking about the situation. So, if the aim is to study better and improve your concentration, ask your teacher or parents to help you with guided visualization.
  • Dharana: This yoga technique will stimulate the nervous system and the brain, which in turn will help you improve your concentration. Dharana, a form of yoga, is believed to improve focus by using pranayama techniques, meditation and asanas. This technique trains the mind to become focused and attain clarity of thought. Dharana is done by gazing at one point while practicing balancing postures, bending positions and spinal stretching poses.
  • Apart from this, you may want to do inversions under the guidance of a yoga teacher. Inversions increase the blood as well as the oxygen supply to your brain.
  • Pranayama is another way to hone your concentration and focus. In this you focus your mind on your breath work. Also, the breathing technique brings in more oxygen to the brain, which in turn makes you more alert and focused.

Meditation is more about concentration and focus, exactly what you want to develop. You can meditate while practicing pranayama or while doing a yoga asana. Meditation de-clutters your mind and helps you focus.

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