Yoga Sequence To Strengthen And Stretch The Body

By Patricia | December 17, 2008
Importance Of A Yoga Sequence

Can I Do Yoga On My Own In The Morning Without A Sequence

You can do yoga on your own, but you have to maintain some sort of sequence while doing so. You need to begin yoga with a warm up session before moving on to postures. Also begin with simpler postures and then go on to complicated ones. After practicing postures for about 15 minutes, you need to do cooling down postures. Without following this sequence you might end up hurting yourself or making yourself sore.

A good idea will be to attend some classes before attempting yoga at home. When you do yoga in a class, you learn to do the sequence with your teacher. You’ll also learn which poses are flowing and how to practice each posture without getting yourself injured.

Here are some poses that you can do, depending upon whether you’re a novice to yoga or a pro:

  • Sun Salutation
  • Standing Poses To Balance Your Body
  • Inversions
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Seated Hip Stretches

Importance Of Yoga Sequencing And Sports Sequencing:

Any sport or physical activities, including yoga needs careful planning and sequencing. This is important because each stretch, posture or activity is designed to have the maximum impact on your body. So before you begin any exercise, you need to warm up your body, in a way to prepare it for the more rigorous exercises. You may also do some stretching postures to stretch all your muscles. Then slowly, you build up your workout before going onto cooling down exercises. You also include stretching postures as you cool down, so your muscles do not become sore.

Yoga sequence has been happening for thousands of years, much before modern sports science came into the picture. While doing yoga, sequencing can help you strengthen and stretch different parts of your body. As you follow a proper sequence of postures and breathing techniques, your thoughts will also get focused and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

To build an effective yoga sequence, you must first see the goal that you have in mind. Are you doing yoga for relaxation or for strength? Are you into yoga because you want to become more flexible or are you combining yoga with another sport or workout? Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to approach your yoga routine with certain clarity.

If you’re doing yoga to cure yourself from a back problem or injury, then again the sequence and the postures will be different.

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