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Bikram Yoga derives its name from its founder, Bikram Choudhury. It is also popularly known as 'Hot Yoga' for good reason.

The sequence of poses, in this discipline of yoga, are practiced in bikram yoga studios, where the temperature is maintained at a temperature of around 95 to 105 degress Fahreneit. Practicing these vigorous yoga routines, under such temperatures, results in profuse perspiration, which cleanses the body of toxins.


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Another benefit from these temperatures is that your body also gets heated up and this makes it a lot more flexible. Sessions in a Bikram Yoga class always consist of a sequence of 26 poses, with each pose being performed twice and also being held for predetermined amount of time. These Yoga sessions always follow a particular sequence and are flowing in nature, with practitioners moving from one type of posture to another and one pose to the next. The sequence generally begins with standing poses, followed by backward bends, forward bends, and lastly twists. The importance of breathing and breath control is not neglected either and the execution of this poses is generally in sync with the pranayam or breathing exercise, 'Kapalabhati Breath', which means 'blowing in firm'.

Bikram yoga classes are quite unique on account of the manner of practice and accordingly in some of the benefits they offer. Here are some of the many benefits that can be derived from a Bikram Yoga session.

  • The flowing movements and the sequence of poses re shapes and tones your body.
  • The various asanas and stretching motions also help to strengthen, tone, and lengthen your muscles.
  • Flexibility is greatly improved.
  • The spinal column is significantly strengthened.
  • The circulatory functions are also enhanced and improved.

  • It is extremely beneficial and efficient for weight reduction.
  • It not only raises energy levels, but also eliminates the effects of stress.
  • Your balance and coordination is significantly improved.
  • It helps clear your mind and get focused and disciplined.
  • It also improves and helps maintain healthy functioning of the musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory and various other systems.
Since heat is one of the key elements of Bikram Yoga it would make sense to point out the particular benefits of this aspect of the discipline.
  • It helps cleanse and detoxify your system through perspiration, as your skin along with the kidneys and liver is an effective organ for waste disposal.
  • It significantly increases your success rate at weight reduction, as your skin fat is broken down and toxins are eliminated as water soluble compounds in sweat.
  • As mentioned earlier it significantly improves flexibility and also enhances the natural toning action of the yoga asanas or poses.
  • It also strengthens the immune system.

According to its proponents, Bikram Yoga can also alleviate the symptoms of some chronic diseases like arthritis or thyroid. For these reasons this discipline has grown in popularity, with a Bikram Yoga center operating in almost every city.

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