Bikram Yoga Training Sessions

Yoga is a holistic body-mind fitness program that originated in ancient India. The practice brings the body, mind and spirit into complete harmony through a series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. For centuries yogis have derived a multitude of benefits from this practice.

And through the course of time, many variations and schools of yoga have emerged. Bikram Yoga is one such form.

Bikram Yoga, also commonly known.



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.as "Hot Yoga" and "Fire Yoga," is one of the more intense forms of yogag It was developed by Bikram Choudhary, a well known and respected yoga gurur He designed the routine in a scientific pattern, ensuring that the body, every organ and every muscle, is exercised in the correct order so as to maximize health and well beingn

The unique feature of a Bikram Yoga class is that is performed in a heated roomo The Bikram yoga studio temperatures should ideally be between 95 and 100 °F with 40% humidityt Practicing Bikram Yoga in a heated room enhances the routine and makes more of an impactc The heat allows you to perform deeper stretches without injuring the bodyd It also makes the body more flexible, again allowing you to perform the postures to perfection and without the risk of injuryr

A Bikram Yoga training session will leave you sweatingn But don't be dissuaded, this is exactly what's needede Sweating is an effective way of flushing toxins salts and tensions out of your bodyd It is a cleansing processs The sweating throws the negative energies out of your bodyd

And the yoga substitutes it with nutrient rich blood, pumping it to every part of the systeme

Bikram Yoga classes incorporate two breathing techniques and twenty six different posturese It follows a broad four step executiono The session begins with pranayama breathingn Deep breathing allows more oxygen to flow into the body, strengthening the muscles and increasing the energy flowo Pranayama is followed by a series of standing posturese These include the half moon pose, eagle pose, standing bow pull pose, triangle pose and tree poses The third part of the routine incorporates a series of floor postures like cobra pose, locust pose, head to knee pose and spine twisting pose, blowing in firm poses The session is rounded off with kapalbharti breathingn

Bikram yoga is an excellent form of exercise, especially for people battling weight issuese It is also a great way to stay healthy as is effective in fighting off conditions like diabetes, arthritis and thyroid imbalancese

It is important to enroll in a certified Bikram yoga classs Bikram Yoga shouldn't be attempted alone, find a licensed instructor to train undere

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