Health Effects Of Bikram Yoga

Hot yoga is yoga done in an artificially heated room to increase blood flow and oxygen to the organs. The room is heated to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit with 60 percent humidity.

Bikram yoga is the branded form of hot yoga with roots in Hatha yoga.


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Bikram (Hot) Yoga : Pros and Cons

Bikram yoga is usually taught by specialized instructors who have been trained in by the institute started by Bikram Choudhury. This regimen involves a set of 26 poses to be done in a set time limit. If there are no Bikram Yoga studios in your area, look for studios that teach hot yoga. Usually hot yoga and Bikram yoga are quite similar.

The reason hot yoga is becoming so popular is due to its fantastic effects on the body. Hot yoga is known to have great effects on your body as you do it but the immediate fallout of hot yoga tends to be severe too.

In you are being introduced to hot yoga, you could even face dehydration, heat exhaustion and dizzy spells if you are not prepared for it. But before we look at the possible side effects of hot yoga, let’s look at the good it can do.

  • Hot yoga helps you lose weight faster as compared to other forms of yoga.
  • Though not scientifically proven, body fat burns faster when the body is warmed.
  • The heat helps the muscles stretch better and effectively.
  • Oxygen is distributed through the body better, making the heart work better.
  • Long term effects include better elasticity of joints and muscles.
  • This form of yoga makes you sweat a lot which also leads to detoxification.
  • Hot yoga gives you good circulation and a much stronger immune system.

These are just some of the benefits of hot yoga.

Most proponents of hot yoga swear by its long term benefits like flexibility, limber muscles and even easing of chronic pains. Though most scientific research is unable to identify whether doing the yoga in a heated room makes any particular difference, students of Bikram yoga say otherwise.

Bikram yoga can be very demanding especially for first timers or new students. If you go unprepared and not knowing what to expect, one session of Bikram yoga can cause dehydration, exhaustion from the heat and in really severe cases, even lead to heat stroke.

People practicing Bikram yoga for the first time will either come to love the practice or hate it. People who love it claim this type of yoga is excellent and has fantastic effects on the body and the mind.

When it comes to your mind, Bikram yoga can

  • Improve your concentration
  • Regulate your breathing
  • Help you in making better decisions

The body also benefits greatly with the practice of Bikram yoga

  • Flexibility
  • Vitality
  • Health

In the long term, Bikram or hot yoga will help you deal with most lifestyle related diseases. If you suffer from diseases like diabetes or hypertension or any cardiac related ailment, you should consult your doctor before you decide to take up the practice of hot yoga.

Advice on hot yoga

There are many recommendations for Bikram Yoga. These recommendations are helpful for first-timers or new students who aren’t sure of what to expect.

  • Mat - Get your own mat as you will sweat a lot on it.
  • Clothes - Get clothes that are sweat absorbent. Bikram yoga practitioners will also guide you to the correct type of clothes.
  • Hydration - It is important to drink a lot of water before you start the class. Carry water with you and drink only during the designated water breaks.
  • Take a position at the back of the class if you are not sure about completing all the poses. Aim to stay through the class
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