Calories Burnt While Doing Bikram Yoga

Losing weight is very important for many people. They are always looking for the best way to decrease their weight and improve their physique. There are many ways to lose weight and everyone in the world has an opinion on which is the best method to do so.

The only thing that people agree upon is that you need to exert yourself to lose weight. It is all about losing more calories than you take in.


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Bikram Yoga for a Good Figure

Regular exercise is one of the proven ways to lose weight. Sometimes you may exercise on a regular basis but fail to get the required results. In most cases this is because of a lack of synchronization between the mental and physical states.

This is where yoga comes in, specifically Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is performed at a high room temperature in order to burn calories. The room temperature during a bikram yoga class is 110 °F and humidity above 80%. These unusual conditions push your body to the limit and enable it to lose more calories. Do remember to drink plenty of water when you enroll in a Bikram yoga class

Although the principles are similar to that of a sauna, there are some important differences. In a sauna, your main target is to open the pores of the skin to lose toxins from it. On the other hand, Bikram yoga depends on performing special exercises in high temperature.

The main event is the exercise not the high temperature.

Ashtanga yoga is another very useful form of yoga for losing weight and burning excess calories. This energetic form of yoga, which is the precursor to Power Yoga, also helps to keep your body toned and supple. Power Yoga, as the name suggests, is another fast paced form of yoga that can help you to burn away excess fat.

Many people don't see yoga as the optimum way to burn fat. This is not true. Energetic forms of yoga, such as Bikram Yoga, are as efficient at boosting your body's fat burning mechanism as other forms of exercise such as running or swimming. Moreover, in addition to helping you burn more calories, yoga also helps to keep your entire body and mind in sync with each other, thereby leading to better mental and physical health.

Since yoga is such a powerful form of exercise, it must be performed under the supervision of a trained instructor. Although there is a plethora of yoga DVDs in the market, when it comes to strenuous forms of yoga such as Bikram Yoga, it is best to seek out your nearest yoga center.

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