Yoga – An Effective Way To Tackle Stress And Tension

By Patricia | December 18, 2008
Yoga To Relieve Tension

Yes, yoga is an effective way to tackle stress and tension. The combination of asanas, pranayama and meditation, can relax the body and calm the mind. In fact, yoga is increasingly being used as a stress and anger management technique in corporate houses as well as in life skills classes. Whether you join a hip yoga studio in your town, attend a stress management workshop at office or participate in a yoga program, the techniques you learn will surely help you cope with tension and stress.

If you’re a beginner and are looking for relaxation, then we suggest you join a hatha yoga class, which is a gentler form of yoga than most others. It will calm your mind and improve your flexibility.

Postures, breathing and meditation are the essentials of yoga, no matter which form of yoga you choose and for what reason. In a class, you will typically learn to do about 10-30 poses, which range from the Shavasana or corpse pose to difficult postures that will take ages to master. It’s advisable to do only those poses that you’re comfortable with and do what your body permits.

Breathing or rather, breath control is important in yoga. The breath work helps you to gain control of your body and mind, and de-cluttering your mind of thoughts that are stressing you out.

The gentle movements of yoga will also take your mind away from stress-causing thoughts, and the concentration required to gain balance will also help you focus on the positives of life.

Apart From Stress Relief, Yoga Can Help You In Several Ways:

Supple And Flexible Body: When you practice yoga, you tend to exercise and stretch muscles that probably even you didn’t know existed. As you keep on doing yoga, these muscles will get stretched and you will become more supple.

Managing Health Problems: The yoga postures help you to cope as well as cure other health problems like asthma, depression, muscle injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you combine yoga exercises with the right diet and meditation, then it will be good for your overall well-being.

Weight Loss: Yoga is a good way to lose that extra fat, burn calories and tone up your muscles.

So, doing yoga regularly can not only help you cope with stress, but also help you become a healthier person.

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