Meditation In Relieving Stress And Hypertension

By Patricia | November 5, 2008
Meditation In Relieving Stress And Hypertension

Meditation Beneficial

Generally, all types of meditation provide benefits. If done at the beginning of the day, it balances the mind and makes it alert and positive and better able to deal with the decisions and activities. When done at night, it soothes and relaxes the mind and prepares it for deep and refreshing sleep. It has the physical benefits of lowering blood pressure and relieving stress and hypertension. Meditation also helps the mind to focus and concentrate, and be aware of itself and the universe around.


There is more than one way to meditate and different people find different ways that benefit them depending on their age, environment, lifestyles, problems, and preferences. All meditation practices will reduce stress, whether it is yoga meditation, mindful meditation, or Zen meditation, using sound, breath, concentration or visualization. They all activate the body’s natural relaxation response as opposed to stress response which prepares one for ‘fight or flight’. When constantly exposed to stress, the body has diseases like hypertension and other related problems. Meditation calms the body and mind, increasing energy and focus, fights ailments, heightens concentration, fights stress, and improves focus and memory.

Chakra meditation uses the energy that pervades the universe, within and without us. In our own bodies, there are reserves of energy that can be awakened and tapped to make us aware of our body and its capabilities. Chakra meditation focuses on the seven main energy focal points to awaken, repair, restore, and balance them. It teaches you to focus on each point and fill it with the appropriate color and light, then move on to the next one. Each chakra will open up and influence the body and mind positively, and induce feelings of joy and serenity.

Precautions To be Taken While Doing Meditation

Negative effects can only occur if the technique is not followed properly. It is advisable to learn meditation, whichever type it may be, with the help of an expert. It is important to prepare well for meditation. The place where you meditate should also be quiet, clean and uncluttered. You should sit comfortably, but with a straight back: relaxed but alert. Do some deep breathing before you start. With each inhalation, you are opening yourself to the true peace and love in the universe. With each exhalation, you should be emptying your mind of frustrations, worries and analyzing your thoughts.

If you do not follow these procedures and proper instructions, sometimes meditation may not give you the required benefits. Sometimes awakening of chakras can have side effects. Excessive mental energy can be a problem with those who do not have much physical activity. If you meditate on one chakra without qualified guidance, it can lead to an imbalance and cause personality problems. So, the key is to learn meditation properly and follow the procedures with dedication and the benefits will certainly follow.

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