Five Tenets of Yoga

Principles Of Yoga

Yoga is essentially a type of lifestyle or a form of exercise that involves participation at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It was developed primarily with the aim of improving one’s quality of life by bringing about a union of the mind, body and soul.

In order to fully experience the benefits of yoga, it is important to understand its principles.


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Basic Principles Of Yoga

The basic principles of yoga form the foundation on which one can achieve a healthy mind and body through yoga practice. The following section will provide you with the five principles of yoga that you should follow.

The Five Principles Of Yoga

1. Right Relaxation :

The first principle involves proper relaxation. By getting rid of muscle tension and resting your whole body the nervous system will get revitalized. This will allow you to experience inner peace, causing you to feel refreshed and relaxed. This relaxed feeling will be carried over through your day and will help in the conservation of energy.

2. Right Exercise :

The second principle of yoga involves proper exercise. This principle is based on the idea that the physical body is meant to exercise and move. You can achieve proper exercise through asanas or yoga postures which work on the entire body. The various poses help tone and strengthen the ligaments and muscles and enhance the flexibility of the joints and spine. The yoga poses cause your body to feel more relaxed and rejuvenate the different systems in the body.

3. Right Breathing :

The third principle involves proper breathing. Breathing properly means that you should breathe rhythmically and fully so that all parts of the lungs are used to increase the intake of oxygen. To do this you need to regulate the duration and length of the exhalation, inhalation and pauses between each breath.

Pranayama or breathing exercises show you how to energize your body and control your mind by regulating the life force or flow of prana. This will enable you to gain a more focused and calmer mind and will increase the levels of energy.

4. Right Diet :

The fourth principle involves proper diet. The food that you consume has an effect on your mind. Therefore, following an improper diet will block spiritual awareness and lead to mental deficiency. A healthy diet nourishes the body and mind. A proper diet should be balanced and based on foods that are natural. In yoga, a proper diet also involves moderate eating. Following unhealthy eating habits will also dull the senses and lead to ailments like diabetes and obesity. Food should maintain our body and keep it supple and light. It should also help calm the mind and build a strong immune system.

5. Positive Thinking and Meditation :

The fifth principle of yoga involves meditation and positive thinking. Our thinking affects the way we live. Maintaining a positive approach to life will help you develop a peaceful mind. Meditation and positive thinking also helps you get rid of negative thoughts and brings your mind under control.

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