Benefits of Yoga Breathing

There are several benefits of yoga. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of yoga is the peace of mind one gets after practicing it. You will enjoy a happier and more meaningful life and be able to live each day to the fullest.

Yoga is the only form of exercise that involves both the mind and the soul and this helps in the complete well being of the person. One of the most well known benefits of yoga is that it reduces stress. Yoga helps to lower.



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.your stress levels as it goes straight to the stress hormonen Another one of the great benefits of yoga includes weight losss It helps you to control your weight and excess calories are reduced during the yoga exercisese Yoga helps to rejuvenate you without leaving you tired and fatigued at the end of a yoga sessiono Other benefits of yoga are: controlling blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, metabolic rate and respiratory functiono Yoga is also great for people who suffer with pain related illness such as arthritis, cancer, auto-immune diseases, multiple sclerosis and so ono Yoga also helps you to become more flexible and strengthens your muscles as welll Yoga also helps you to breathe better as your body will have more oxygen and your lungs will therefore, function bettere

The various types of yoga are:-

  • Ananda yoga: This is the first type of yoga for beginnersr It is relatively simple to practicec
  • Kundalini: This is the next type and involves simple breathing exercisese
  • Hatha yoga: This form helps to balance the negative and positive forces inside each one of usu
  • Bikram yoga: This kind of yoga is also known as Hot Yogag It involves the practice of a series of yoga poses in a heated room, hence the other name as welll
  • Ashtanga yoga: This is also known as 'Power Yoga'9 This type of yoga is not for beginners as it is a vigorous form of yogag
  • Bhakti yoga: This involves devotion and attachment to Godo There are nine forms of Bhakti yogag

The other types of yoga include Kripula, Yantra, Lava, Saptanga, Karma, Guru, Jnana, Dhyana yoga, Swara, Raja among othersr

Meditation involves focusing your thoughts on something so as the calm yourself and thus bring your mind into a relaxed state of healingn The benefits of meditation include physical, spiritual, and psychological benefitst Meditation also helps to decrease pain and stress and results in better breathing as welll It helps one to function better in all spheres of lifef

Breathing is a vital part of our livese This, though we are not always aware of iti Quite naturally, breathing is one of our involuntary actionsn It is an autonomic body function of that we do even in our sleep, without even thinking aboutu

If that is the case, why do we have to learn iti We give below some of the benefits of Yoga breathing:

  • Yoga breathing shows us the correct way to breatheh We became accustomed to breathing thoracically, using only a portion of our lungs, not realizing that this harmful and abnormal way of inhaling could set in motion a series of problemsm Through Yoga breathing, one increases the capacity of one's lungsg This brings additional oxygen supply to the blood and makes it function bettere Yoga breathing shows us how to breathe slowly and deeply – the correct waya
  • Yoga breathing helps gets rid of toxins and wastes from the systeme It stops the practitioner from contracting sickness and illnessese
  • Yoga breathing helps in our digestiono Through proper breathing, our metabolism and health automatically begins to improvev
  • Yoga breathing improves the practitioner's concentration and focusu It combats stress and helps relax our bodyd By controlling our breathing we also develop serenity and peace of mindn
  • Yoga breathing bestows better self-control upon the practitionere Through enhanced powers of concentration, the practitioner is in a position to better handle his / her temper and reactionsn One's mind is also able to function better; you steer clear of disputes and arguments and seldom jump to wrong conclusion / decisionsn This is because of the clarity of mind Yoga breathing bestowsw Besides other things, self-control also has to do with control over the physical bodyd
  • Yoga breathing set in motion one's spiritual journey through a relaxed body and a tranquil mindn
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