Yoga Myths

The term ‘yoga’ brings to mind peaceful scenes, slim people curling and bending their fit bodies into difficult positions and colorful yoga mats. However, there is no single definition that the practice of yoga can be squeezed into.

Many individuals feel that they completely understand yoga, but only look at the surface level of this meditative art that has been around for ages. Yoga does not simply involve twisting the body into complicated positions.


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To fully understand the true nature of this practice you must look deeper and dispel some of the prevailing yoga myths.

Myth 1: Yoga Is A Form Of Exercise.

The first myth is that yoga is only a form of exercise. However, yoga is not only an exercise to improve the fitness of one’s body. Apart from its obvious physical benefits, yoga is firstly a spiritual act with the aim of uniting the emotions, mind and body.

Myth 2: Yoga Is Expensive.

The idea that the practice of yoga is an activity that is expensive is also another myth. Since yoga is mainly a spiritual exercise, the true yoga instructors who concentrate mainly on the arts’ spiritual teachings, accept donations but don’t charge anything for the service. There are also many studios and yoga centers these days that are not too hard on the pocket. There is no requirement of a lot of equipment and gear to practice yoga. A yoga mat is sufficient for you to start practicing yoga.

Myth 3: Anyone Can Teach Yoga.

Another prevalent misconception or myth would be the belief that anyone can teach yoga.Although a person can perform the yoga poses, he or she does not immediately have the right to teach yoga. It is necessary that a person practices and trains for many years before becoming a genuine yoga instructor. The training must concentrate mainly on the maturity and spiritual growth of the person. This is important so that the person can teach yoga the way it was purposed to be taught, which is that of a union between the spirit, mind and body and not just an exercise.

Myth 4: Yoga Can Give You Super powers.

Another myth is that the practice of yoga will give the practitioner sophisticated physical strength. Although it is true that an experienced yoga practitioner will have superior flexibility, it is not the case with everyone. Yoga does not automatically and magically provide the students with physical abilities. It is always important that you remember that apart from the yoga postures and positions that are associated with yoga, its main goal is to unite the spirit, mind and body and get true universal and personal enlightenment.

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