What Are The Pros And Cons of Yoga?

By Patricia | December 11, 2008
Yoga Helps To Keep Physically Fit

The benefits of Yoga are manifold. Regular practice of Yoga not only helps to keep you physically fit, it also helps to strengthen your immunity and improves the functioning of the various organs of the body. Unlike other forms of exercise, Yoga also has a tremendous impact on the mind. The meditation techniques taught in Yoga help to relax the mind and free it of stress and tension. They also help you to improve your mental concentration, memory, and clarity. Yoga is also one of the few forms of exercise that lays a lot of emphasis on proper breathing techniques while performing the various poses and exercises. During the journey from infancy to adulthood, most of us forget how to breathe properly and start breathing with short breaths that do not utilize the full capacity of the lungs. Yoga will teach you how to breathe deeply from the stomach so that your lungs are used to their optimum capacity and a richer supply of oxygenated blood reaches every cell of your body.

Coming to the cons, I can’t think of any cons from of performing Yoga. The only thing to keep in mind when practicing Yoga is to realize that it is a powerful form of exercise that provides multiple benefits when performed properly; hence, the converse also holds true. Yoga can lead to harm if performed incorrectly. Therefore, it is best to start practicing Yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher who will be able to guide you through the various techniques in a step-by-step manner. When you are performing Yoga, you should lay emphasis on performing each exercise in the correct manner. You should not try to breeze through your Yoga class with your mind on cruise control.

Age is not a factor when it comes to Yoga. It is as beneficial for a 41 year old as it is for an 11 year old. First and foremost, consult your physician before starting any form of exercise, including Yoga. Now you come to the most important step that will determine how effective Yoga is in improving your health and life. This involves selecting a good Yoga school with trained instructors who teach a style of Yoga that you are comfortable with. This is not easy as it may seem. Keep in mind that there are many different styles of yoga, from the energetic Bikram Yoga to the sedate Kripalu Yoga. You need to find a style that suits your requirements.

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