Yoga for voice improvement

(June 15, 2011)

I want to ask that i want to be a newspaper reader and to improve my voice and my voice should be strong and bold

Yoga for singers:
The many benefits of yoga also extend to yoga being used to help singers and musicians. Not many people are aware of the fact that breathing plays an important role in singing. There are even specific yoga classes now that concentrate on this aspect and through a series of invigorating but gentle asanas (postures), lung capacity is increased, as is flexibility. The muscles get toned and the result is a better singing voice. Yoga breathing is when the breath goes low and the belly goes out or rises with each breath. Posture also plays an important role in breathing while signing. The     Padmasana (Lotus Pose) is one such pose in yoga which optimizes breathing.

Voice yoga
Voice yoga training classes are fast gaining popularity the world over. Several people have found that by adopting yoga breathing and exercises they were able to control their vocal cords better. Yoga also helped such people to clear their sinuses, and helped them to improve their overall health as well. A review of the benefits of such a voice yoga training class are: - one learns how to sing properly, learns how to breathe properly, one learns to created the best possible tone from the voice one has. Apart from improving one’s vocal health and singing abilities, voice yoga also helps one to become and remain healthier as well.

Yoga voice:
If you have a good voice and are wondering how to improve it, try practicing yoga. It is now believed that yoga plays an essential role in keeping your voice and throat healthy. Chanting “Om” everyday for 10 minutes will go a long way in helping your voice to become better. Other asanas which will help you to overcome any problems include Singasana (Lion Pose). Two breathing exercises will help in the improvement of your voice are Ujjhayani Pranayam (Ocean Breath or Victorious Breath) and Bharamri Pranayam. The word Bharamri is taken from the word Bhramar which means a humming bee.

Yoga for voice:
If you think you can sing well and wish to improve the tone and quality of your voice, try out yoga for voice singing lesson. Vocal yoga lessons differ from the traditional yoga lessons because instead of normally exhaling a breath, you have to use your voice to sound out the exhalation. Yoga teaches you to keep your mouth and muscles relaxed while singing. The result is a voice that has more culture and depth to it. Yoga will help you to find your true voice and also you will learn the proper breathing techniques to follow while singing. Some yoga voice instructors propagate Vinyasa yoga flow series for training your voice. They believe that this series helps to release the voice and reveal its true form.

Yoga singing:
Yoga singing exercises will teach you how to breathe well and correctly. Keep in mind that the better your control of the air you breathe is, the better your voice will become. Many people feel it is more worthwhile to take lessons from a yoga teacher than a vocal (voice) trainer when it comes to improving their singing technique. Yoga singing bowls are sometimes used for meditation and are also known as Tibetan singing bowls. The sound that resonates from these bowls is very pure and beautiful. These bowls are made up of a unique metal alloy that consists of different kinds of metal. Iron, lead, tin, gold, silver, mercury and copper are said to make up these bowls. Singing bowls are played by striking them with various mallets.

Yoga tips:
Keep the below mentioned yoga tips in mind before you actually start practicing yoga, whether at home or in a studio. It is necessary to get your doctor’s approval before you start off any yoga routine. Once you have done this, you could buy or read a book meant for beginners. Remember that if you feel any sort of discomfort or pain while doing any yoga position, you should stop immediately. Some recommended yoga poses for beginners are Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), Vrksasana (Tree Pose) among others.

Yoga and singing:
Yoga and singing, as outlined above are interconnected. Some of the benefits of yoga for singers include improving one’s singing posture, increases mental and physical stamina, increases breath control as it trains one’s lungs to breathe more efficiently, strengthens the core muscles, helps to improve your memory so that you can memorize your pieces more easily. Yoga also helps to build up your immunity and so you do not fall ill that frequently. Most importantly, yoga helps you to connect with your inner self and thus you are able to give of your best while performing/singing.

Breathing for singers:
Proper breathing for singers is necessary as it enables them to improve their pitch control and range. Singers who are not trained generally sing from the throat and not the diaphragm, which can later lead to many different kinds of problems. There are several kinds of singing exercises which singers can practice to tone and improve their voices. Yoga exercises are also recommended as they teach one to breathe correctly and provide other benefits (as mentioned above) too. Yoga breathing promotes a clear voice and is recommended for singers.

New yoga poses:
There are many new yoga poses for weight loss and any trained yoga instructor will be able to help you to practice them. You will simply have to sign up for a yoga class or view them online and then practice them in the comfort of your own home, if you are already familiar with the basics of yogic practice. Some of the well known poses for weight loss are Pavan Muktasana (Wind Releasing Pose), Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) and so on.

Breathing exercises for actors:
It is a well known fact that in order to be a good actor, you need to be able to both emote and pitch your voice well. Breathing exercises for actors help them to improve their vocal skills and thereby improve the way they deliver their lines. Such exercises help the actors to open up their lungs and speak from deep within themselves.

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Pranayama is supposed to improve the voice. Regular practice of pranayama especially Anuloma Viloma, Bhramari and Udgit will improve the voice quality. Avoid very cold and sour items in food and drink warm water.

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