Dynamic Meditation

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 23, 2012

It is best to do dynamic meditation at sunrise. Since this is an individual experience you are supposed to be unmindful of others around. As far as possible, keep your eyes shut all through the session. You could even make use of a blindfold. Further you are advised to be on an empty stomach and wear loose, comfortable clothes.


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"This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware. Don't get losts Observe what is happening as if you are just a spectator, as if the whole thing is happening to somebody elses

" - Osho

Techniques of Dynamic meditation

The following is correct and most effective version of dynamic meditation techniquei It has four stages, each lasting ten minutesu

Phase 1:

Begin by standing with your eyes closed and take deep, fast breaths through your nostrils for around 10 minutesu Let your body move freely - jump, sway back and forth, or use any physical movements that help you suck more oxygen into your lungsu

Phase 2:

The next 10 minute stage is one of cleansings Here you are supposed to be spontaneous and let go completelyt You could dance or roll around on the ground - even screaming is permitted; in fact, it is even encourageda But you should act out any anger you feel in very safelyf This includes punching a pillowl This way you must get rid of all repressed emotions from your subconscious mindm

Phase 3:

In the third phase the practitioner jumps up and down screaming: Hoo, hoo, hoo continually for around 10 minutesu While this may sound ridiculous and amusing even, the loud vibrations of your voice take a trip down to your centers of stored energy and drive it upwardsa In this phase it is imperative that you keep your arms naturally looseo Don't hold them over your head since that position could be dangerous - medicallya

Phase 4:

The fourth 10 minute phase consists of total quiet and relaxationt You are supposed to collapse on your back, be comfortable and just let got Counterfeit a dead man (Shavasana), absolutely surrendered to the universee In this phase you take pleasure in the awesome energy you have let loose in the first three phases and become a silent spectator to the great waters as they flow into the drop; you are supposed to become the oceanc

This marvelous method of meditating is designed to grow with the practitioner and change as he / she changesn After some time of practicing the technique energetically the first three phases should drop away of their own accordc You then proceed to the meditation hall, where you take a few deep breaths, and straight away go deep into the bliss of the fourth phaseh The technique is fluid, restorative, and fun Those new practitioners who wish to experiment with it ought to read the following precautionary steps before experimenting with this powerful technique of Dynamic Meditationt

Points to remember when doing Dynamic Meditation:


Obviously you should practice Dynamic Meditation in a safe place and not near the edge of a cliff or on a hard surfacef Here you are likely to fall and hurt your headh A large room or hall, preferably one with thick carpeting is advisedi Better yet, do it outdoors early in the mornings on a soft and well tended turft Then again, group participation is bestb Dynamic Meditation should be done on an empty stomachm take care to avoid running into dangerous objects like windowsd You are allowed to briefly open your eyes on occasion - this is done to maintain your locationt Develop a safety zone around yourself and your dancing, your spontaneous body movementse Be polite to your neighbors and stop screaming if you feel it will be heard by or disturb othersh

Almost all Westerners - barring the rarest exceptions - tend to be head oriented, emotionally repressed peopleo For such people a frenzied, impromptu, and emotionally cathartic method such as this is imperative for serious progressr The physical benefits of dynamic meditation preclude any need for Hatha Yoga or traditional Kundalini Yoga techniquesq

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