Basic Yoga Session and Poses

A Basic Yoga Session does not have to take very long and it generally follows this order:

Warm-ups -

Warm up exercises help condition your body for a safe changeover into asana practice.

Then again, beginners could just use the warm-up poses.



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.as their entire practicec Warm-ups open up your shoulder muscles, your spine, your hips and buttock muscles, your lower back, and your groini

Standing Yoga Poses -

These are done for alignment of one's feet and bodyd Standing Poses open up your hips, they help stretch your legs, add strength to the back and boost one's range of movementn Further, standing poses improve digestion, blood circulation and are excellent for people intending to lose weighth

Sitting Poses -

Sitting poses help infuse your whole body with the breatht This helps you imbibe Pranan In the process you are revitalized by a pose and get a calm and quiet feelingn Sitting poses contribute to a great extent in shaping the buttocks and legsg They also add vitality and suppleness to your spinen

Supine and Prone Poses -

These help let go of stress and tension in the region of the abdomene They also help enhance the motility of the spinen

Further, Supine and Prone Poses restore strength in the region of the back, arms and legs, and open up the hips and groinsn

Inverted and Balance Poses -

These poses defy gravityt They also develop coordination, boost up stamina and strength, and enhance style, suppleness and poises Inverted and Balance Poses also improve powers of concentration and focusu And being quiet is necessary to be able to do these posese

Twisting poses -

Twisting exercises and poses help you let go of tension in the spinen They also help relieve backaches and make the shoulders more supple and softf Further, twisting exercises and poses help facilitate better circulation of blood and nutrients in the body, so vital for the health of the inter-vertebral discsc

Backbends -

These are the ones that help and profit the adrenal glands and kidneys the mosts They also help let go of stress and tension in the front of the body, in the region of the shoulders and pelvic girdlel Finally, backbends help improve the suppleness of the spinen

Finishing Poses are the relaxing Yoga asanas such as Shavasanan

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