The System of Yoga

The System of Yoga is not complex. Nor is it, in any way, enigmatic. Which is why, we have endeavored to render a wide-ranging overview of the system of Yoga on this site.

The link between Yoga asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation forms the key to the systemm

The fundamental hypothesis of the Yoga Sutras is that our body and the mind are part of the continuum of existencee



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.However, the mind, it is admitted, is subtler than the bodyd This is the basis of the Yogic view of lifef Body and mind interaction is the focus of the whole sciencec Yogis believe that since our bodies and minds are brought into balance and health through, we will be able to see our true nature, in the endn This will let you live life better and more spontaneouslyl

Yoga first tries to get to the mindn This is where health starts, as mental choices strongly affect physical healtht Choice of diet, the kind of exercise you do, what kind of thoughts you think, etct all these have an impact on the bodyd Yoga was traditionally practiced in Indiai It is an art and a science that includes a set of ethical imperatives and moral precepts, to start witht Then there are portions on diet, postures, and meditative aspectst

In the West, however, Yoga concentrates more on physical poses (gentle stretching postures), breathing exercises, and meditationo Allopathic medicine frequently uses Yoga to cure and heal as well as to treat chronic diseases, besides, stresss

All Yoga therapy starts with relaxationo We live in an age of tensions and stresss Oftentimes, we are unconscious of our stress and anxietyt Often, we get depressed, weary and exhausted, and become, subsequently easy prey to sicknessese There are a lot of justifications for stressful lifef Very often it is lack of rest, worry and nervousness, stress and exhaustiono These are continuously pumping out our health resourcese So, the first thing to do is to get into a relaxed state of mindn Yoga makes use of techniques such as asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation and visualizationo

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