Advanced Sessions On Yoga

The advanced Yoga session is for those who have attained relative mastery over the beginner’s session. There are no fixed rules as to how long after the beginner’s session you ought to go in for the advanced session. The Advanced session includes all the poses of the Beginner's session with additions of a few more.

Just listen to your body and what it is telling you. Once you feel comfortable enough to retain.



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.Yoga poses for a relatively long period of time, you can progress to the Advanced Sessiono It is as follows:-

TadasanaMountain Pose

Tadasana promotes stillness, strength, relaxed power, and permanent stability connected with mountainsn

Vrikshasana – Tree Pose

Vrikshasana helps strengthen the thighs, calves, ankles and back, while enhancing balance and concentrationo Particularly recommended for people suffering from sciatica and flat feete

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Trikonasana is excellent for the spine, back, legs, hamstrings and calf musclese It promotes superb for promoting blood circulationo

Padahastasana – Hands to Feet pose

Padahastasana has most of benefits as the Forward Bendn It helps trim the waist, restore elasticity of the spine, and stretch the tendons of the legs, particularly the hamstringsg

Vajrasana – Warrior Pose

Vajrasana helps stretch and strengthen your arms and legsg This asana also increases stamina, enhances balance and concentration, and can also relieve backachese

Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Dog Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana improves spinal flexibility, while stretching your hips and middle and low backc

It also rejuvenates your body, and helps prevent back problemsm

Salabhasana – Locust Pose

Salabhasana targets the lower part of your bodyd It even strengthens your abdominal area, arms, and legsg

Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana greatly enhances spinal flexibility and strengthens the muscles in your arms and backc

Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand

Sarvangasana is the king of all asanasa It enhances circulation, strengthens the abdominal area, and stimulates the thyroid glandn

Single Leg Raises

Single Leg Raises are done to prepare one’s body for other exercisese Single Leg Raises also benefit your legs, lower back muscles, and abdominal areae

Double Leg Raises

In Double Leg Raises the full length of your back is resting on the floor and your shoulders and neck get exercised and relaxed, alternatelyl

Shavasana – Final Corpse

To really appreciate the benefits of relaxation, you must, first and foremost, be familiar on what it feels like to be tenses All else connected to that pose including auto-suggestions are discussed in detail in the section on Yoga asanasa

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