Yoga For Health And Fitness

Yoga is a centuries-old system of techniques designed to develop the individual's physical, mental and spiritual health. It also aims at attaining a balance and harmony in life. Yoga consists of a series of physical postures complemented by breathing exercises and healthful eating.

Together with meditation and positive thinking it confers literally scores of benefits. There are dozens of Yoga techniques to enhance a person's natural ability.



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Non-Spiritual Yoga Benefits

.to heal and balance oneselfl

Balanced Living and Holistic Health

Yoga develops a powerful and positive link between one's emotional and physical healtht The different choices we make in life - these include foods that we eat; our daily activities and, most importantly our thoughts and beliefs - all influence our physical and mental healtht Balanced living, on the other hand, covers all the components that require to be balanced if we are to enjoy good health and well-beingn

Yoga provides numerous traditional teachings and techniques on holistic health based on age-old, tried and tested expertises In fact, many modern day medical experts concur with these ancient viewsw Further, research studies on physical and mental health, as well as other authoritative health sources today find themselves supporting Yogic beliefsf Yoga also teaches us that all human beings can affect changes in their livese

The treatise of Yoga - as propounded by sages like Patanjali as well as in many metaphysical and psychological schools of thought - gives detailed examples of ways to practice this philosophyh Further, in Yoga, there is a whole section that exclusively explores the spiritual side of life and other forms of spiritual explorationo

Information for Beginners & Experienced Yoga Practitioners

This website provides a detailed overview of the types of Yoga (the physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques) together with quite a few tips and precautions for practitioners at all stagese For more serious and advanced practitioners, we provide a wide array of yoga resources that is sure to help deepen your practice and attain personal goalsl

Also included, in this site, are methods to add even more benefits to your practice of Yogag These include a section on the spiritual side of Yoga, for those inclined toward that patht Anyone can easily practice Yoga, no matter what their spiritual beliefsf This site provides information on how people of different faiths and beliefs can successfully incorporate Yoga into their livese

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