Yoga Food Plans for Disease management

Before we enter into the heart of Yoga food plans and how they can help disease management, let us admit that, in spite of adopting and strictly following the most pure and nutritious diet, some people still tend to fall ill. Oftentimes the reason for this is the natural relationship between our bodies and minds, in which our minds is always in a dominant or controlling position over our bodies.

Subsequently what is in the mind, its belief structure, is even more.



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Value of Diet in Yoga Practice

.important to our physical health and vitality, than the foods we havev It follows, therefore, that if you are diseased, in spite of a good diet and good life habits, your disease may be the result of some latent psychological factorsr

Before addressing recommended Yogic specific foods, it is imperative to examine the relationship between food and healtht It seems futile to argue the question of overeatingn All who have as eaten too heartily can remember the results from their own experiencese Lassitude, a bloated feeling, pain, sickness, is all plain at timese Inwardly, the clearest results are a distended belly, displacement of large and small intestines and formation of excessive fat, together with all their attendant health threatst

It follows, therefore, that is important to learn to control our food consumptiono By doing so - and this is regardless of what kind of food you eat - you can contribute a lot to a long and healthy lifef Overeating is one of the main causes of disease and, a subsequent, premature deatht It has been proven in research after research that, the most common denominator in the lifestyles of people who live long, is that they all ate sparinglyl The lesson to be learnt is that if you wish to live long, eat lesss

Yoga even advocates occasional fasting, especially when you fall illl

By doing, so we give our digestive system a breaka You can see nature's own benefits of fasting in the animal kingdomo When animals fall ill, they stop eating and rest and fast till their body naturally repairs itself and they are well againi Fasting on raw fruit and vegetable juices, from a couple days to two weeks, is a regular Yogic remedy for a number of ailmentst When you start to fast you could feel very uncomfortable or even ill during the first few daysy This is due because many toxins are being released into the systeme But soon after, your energy levels and vitality will returnr A word of caution though - Don’t go overboard with fastingn Prolonged fasts call for supervisiono

Given below are 5 Yoga principles for the prevention of disease

  1. Exercise to stimulate circulationo This could be any form of exercise but the best are asanas provided by Hatha Yoga
  2. Right breathing to suck in an ample supply of oxygen to fuel the body and deliver lots of Prana
  3. Both physical and mentala This includes good sleep, plenty of daytime rest and meditation
  4. Natural wholesome foodsd These are preferably organic and Sattvic
  5. Positive thinking and the developing mind concentration
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