Types and Preparation For Fasting in Yoga

Starting a fast may be all right anytime so long as the individual is not suffering from any serious problems. But in an unhealthy state, it is safer to prepare your system for a fast through a low protein diet.

This should be rich in positive mineral elements or better yet a raw food diet and by systematic natural treatment. Lots of negative pathogenic materials removed from the tissues and cast into circulation have to be neutralized by the alkaline mineral.



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.elements and purged from the systeme Only a fruit and vegetable diet - low in starch and protein matter and rich in the positive alkaline mineral elements - can introduce these neutralizing and purifying elements into the systeme Once these natural diet and treatment have cleansed your system adequately know then that the physiological and psychological moment for fasting has arrivede Your system is not in a state for digestion and assimilation of food, hence, fasting becomes imperativev

Types of Fasts

There may be any number of fasts, varying from individual to individual needsd However, for easy understanding and practise, they have basically been divided into four

  1. The Regular Fast: This consists of taking no food, but enough water to slake your thirst, to dilute the pathogenic materials and thus facilitate elimination through the kidneys and skin
  2. The Dry Fast: This is a powerful method for promoting elimination of morbid matter and disease taintst It entails complete abstinence from food and drink
  3. The 7 Day Fast: This type of fast does not produce any detrimental or emaciating results
  4. The Long Fast: This fast stretches from anywhere between 1 - 7 or more weeksk It varies with individual indications and the vitality of the patient

The use of fruit juices in fasting

Fruit juices being rich in mineral salts are essential to deactivate the negative pathogenic substances with which the system gets is inundated during a fasts

They are splendid tonics and antiseptics, rich in vitamins, which sustain and stimulate the vital activitiese Besides they also have a neutralizing and eliminating effect on the systeme Hence, fasting, becomes much easier to endure and more pleasant when you have diluted fruit juicese

Intake of fruit juices in pure form and large quantities should be avoidede Juices taken in diluted form prevents any risks that could stimulate the digestive processs For example, to a tumbler full of cold water you may add the juice of half an orange or half a lemono Make sure, however, that the water is of natural or room temperaturer Under no circumstances should iced water be usede

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