Techniques and Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

By Patricia | April 19, 2009
Deep Tissue Massage Overview

What is a Deep Tissue Massage? Deep tissue massage is a kind of massage which aims to reach the body's connective tissue, which are located much deeper than the muscles that hold the bones together. The therapist tries to reach deep into the body, loosening the muscles and fascia, and releasing deep rooted tensions and stresses. Deep tissue massage aims to relax the mind by loosening muscles where mental stresses have manifested themselves.

One difference between deep tissue massage therapy and other massages is the use of 'tools' to reach into the body. The deep tissue massage therapist will often use knuckles, elbows and feet, and put a lot of weight and pressure on these. He may also use equipment made of ceramic, glass, or wood.

Deep tissue massage techniques. Most massage therapists will have training in some sort of deep tissue massage, and almost every culture has a massage like this. Some of the common techniques are Myofascial Release or Rolfing, and even some kinds of Swedish massage. The idea behind all of them is the same, to reach into the deepest tissues of the musculature, and to release stresses or knots that have formed there. All deep tissue massages use slow, deep strokes, with pressure applied on them. The client may sometimes feel uncomfortable with the force of the massage, but this is necessary to reach into the connective tissue. The therapist may use his or her feet and complete body weight to reach into the clients tissues.

Benefits of a deep tissue massage. The benefits of this type of massage can be felt by anybody. Today, with our hectic and unhealthy lifestyles, we all carry deep rooted stresses in our bodies. The primary aim of deep tissue massage is to loosen and relax the musculature, and to release these stresses. That is why many clients often report much deeper, intense experiences, as they may feel deep seated fears being released from the body. In this kind of massage, there is a sharing of energy between the giver and receiver, and the therapist must feel the client's body and mind through the massage.

The immediate benefit from a deep tissue body massage is that the alignment of the body and muscles improve. This improvement in posture itself can alleviate many health problems that the client may be facing. When a person is well balanced, the ill-effects of gravity on the body cannot be felt. Clients report an instant improvement in mood and a feeling of being lighter. Therapists may also target certain specific alignment related conditions like back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica.

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