Therapeutic Massage Types

Types of Massage

The word massage is given to the process by which muscles and connecting tissues of the body are manipulated in such a way as to release tension and stress, to promote a feeling of well being and to improve blood circulation in the area being massaged.

Massages also have medical applications, articularly in sports injuries where the affected part can be granted relief.



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Swedish Massage versus Deep Tissue Massage

.through physiotherapyp There are many different types of massages that may be aggressive or light, moving or stationary and may use hands or other mechanical toolsl

There are many types of massageseLiterature on massage and massage therapy list over 80 different types of massage routinese These vary across the globe and include traditional practices as well as modern medical techniquese Massages may be performed independently or with the help of other aids and toolsl Many massage techniques include the use of massage oils that are known for their medicinal and therapeutic propertiese The benefits of a therapeutic massage include improved blood circulation, relief from pain and improvement in general functioning of the affected muscle areae

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the type of massage used on muscles that tend to be deep under the patients skini Often, massage therapy will only manipulate the upper muscles, close to the skini There are layers of muscle that may be neglected by light massage therapyp

In case of consistent constant pain and athletic injuries deep tissue massage is recommended to get right into the source of the pain and provide reliefe Often, deep tissue massage therapy results in a new pain to the patient in the shallow tissue areas that have been manipulated along with the injured areae This side effect may last for a day or two but is usually less painful than the original injuryr

Swedish Massage

One of the popular types of massages in the world is the Swedish massageg This type of massage was developed using five different types of actions to be performed on the bodyd These are kneading, tapping, sliding, vibration and friction massagingn This type of massage which has been shown to provide relief to patients suffering from various muscle conditions attributed to poor blood circulationo The Swedish massage also has a positive effect on knee joint problemsm

Massage Therapist Salary

A typical salary for a massage therapist varies based on location of work, experience, and duration of the jobo Typically, a therapeutic massage salary can be between 30 and 60 dollars per hour in the United States of Americac

Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Massage - Deep Tissue And Swedish Massage
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