Thai Massage Vs. Sports Massage

Massage is an ancient as a form of treatment, and today more and more people have come to understand the effectiveness of this ancient therapy.

More than 18 million Americans accept a massage as a form of treatment for stress-related ailments.


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In this article, we will discuss in brief the difference between Thai massage and western sports massage by simply defining what each one is about.

Thai Massage

In Thailand, where the Thai massage originated, the Thai massage is commonly referred to as ‘nuad phaen thai’, which means age-old massage technique. Thai massage is usually done with the person lying on the floor. It combines deep massage and stretching techniques to relieve stress and pain as well as other more serious illnesses.

The interesting fact about this type of massage is that it does not use any oils, herbs or lotions; pressure is applied by the masseuse using his/her hands and body weight.

Western Sports Massage

Western sports massage is also very similar to the Thai massage in that it also includes deep massage and stretching techniques. However, it differs in the fact that a sports massage is a medical massage that targets a particular region in the body where knots are formed or where it is injured. This type of massage is commonly done on athletes and sportsmen for better flexibility, stress relief (both physical and mental), and for treating stiffness, aches and pains.

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