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(September 27, 2011)

m 23 yearz old n no matter how much i eat ma breast dosent increase .how can i increase then please tell me diet n exercise relating 2 ma problem

Yoga Tips To Increase Breast

The kind of diet you consume will not have much to do with your breast size unless you eat a lot of fatty foods – in which case all that happens is that the fatty tissues in the breasts build up. However, this is an unhealthy way to go about increasing breast size. Besides this there are a number of healthy exercise options that will help you develop breast tissue without an overall increase in weight. The double angle Pose (dwikonasana) is one of the most effective forms of yoga when it comes to breast tissue development. This can be performed by standing straight with your feet placed shoulder distance apart and reaching your arms behind your back and weaving your fingers together in order to lock the hands. Once you are in the starting position, bend your body forward from the hips and extend your hands behind you as far high up as you can while avoiding too much strain. Look forward while your face is placed parallel to the floor and hold the position for about 30 seconds before returning to your original starting position.

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What Is The Time Duration To Improve Breast Size By Yoga?

Increasing the breast size could cause a lot concern to most women. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no particular time line that you can define to increase your breast size through yoga. Surgeries can give you enhanced breast sizes overnight however the same doesn’t work for yoga. You could also apply certain creams that promise to increase your breast size, but these are not very useful and can also cause some major side effects. 

If you wish to have a fulsome breast for a flattering figure, you may resort to several exercises and yoga methods rather than surgical and other artificial techniques.

Yoga must be performed under expert supervision for best results and minimal or no side-effects. There are also several home remedies like diet modifications that help in breast enhancement. You can consume foods high in sugar content and low in fats as well as eat grape extract and sesame seeds.

When it comes to exercises to increase breast, the duration that is required for you to see results will vary from person to person. Typically, however, if you perform the exercises along with yoga poses and modify your diet, you may notice results in four to six months’ time.


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Is There Any Kind Of Exercise To Enhance Breast?

A fulsome breast is an asset and it imparts what is regarded as beautiful figure for women. There are a variety of means to enhance breast size including surgeries, which are painful, expensive and may leave scarring. Wearing padding bras also serves the purpose, though temporarily. Some of the natural ways to increase breast size is through the practice of some breast enlargement exercises and yoga and by following some dietary alterations.

Some of the breast improving yoga techniques are as under:
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): Lie down on the floor with your chest placed against the floor. Raise your upper body, pressing your palms against the floor. Your face should be pointing the roof and your forearms should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Gowmukhasana (Cow Pose): Sit in a half-lotus pose, stretch your right arm upwards, twist it backwards and lower it to touch the upper part of the back. Simultaneously, twist the left arm and move it backwards and upwards to touch the right arm. Repeat with alternate arms.

You may also resort to several exercises for fitness and breast enhancing, some of which include the wall press exercise and the prayer pose. The diet modifications include refraining from fatty foods, intake of sweet foods, and consumption of grape extract and sesame seeds.

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What Is The Natural Way Of Increasing Breast Size?

There are various ways to enhance breast size, and these could be either natural or surgical. Natural or non-surgical breast enhancement methods include yoga, several physical exercise, and diet regulation, and these methods are much better than the surgical procedures as these are inexpensive, effective and do not cause pain and side-effects. Some of the natural breast enlargement exercises are as follows:
  • Wall press technique: Stand against a wall, facing towards it. Place your palms on the wall and press against it, exerting pressure on chest. This will enhance breast size and also tone your breasts.
  • Prayer pose: Stand in a prayer pose and press against your palms against each other.This helps augment breast size.

Besides this there are a number of exercises that will help you to get the right breast size for you. Diet plays a very important role in shaping your breast and therefore you would need to work out a diet plan to help you in your efforts to gain larger breasts. Remember that whatever exercise you perform; you have a professional to guide you through the various poses. Having small breasts could be a genetic problem and in such cases these exercises would help tone the breast thus giving it a fuller appearance.

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Yoga Poses For toning The Body 

Yoga contains a number of physical postures positions and important breathing exercises or techniques that are scientifically proven to improving correct a number of common ailments.  Most meditation techniques and exercises in fluent and stimulate the hormonal and glandular system in the body thus improving overall health.

Yoga is a holistic form of exercise and a combination of relaxation methods that imparts proper exercise to the body while correcting the breathing and improving the thought functionality of an individual.  In more ways than one, yoga indirectly impacts the breast in a positive manner and helps to enhance it through its many firms of exercises.  Almost all yoga positions involve stretching the chest muscle, the back muscle and the shoulders.  This in turn stimulates the chest muscles and develops it by making it appear larger than it actually is. Bhujangasana is an excellent remedy for improving the chest muscles thus stimulating the breast tissues.

Although the breast contains fat cells, breast tissue, milk ducts, and fat in general, it cannot be stimulated as it does not have any muscle at all. Hence what yoga aims to do is to build the chest muscles, on which the breasts lie. The pectoral muscles that are exercised due to yoga will be further enhanced thus giving an enhanced breast line.
The Sitting posture also known as the Garbhasana helps to exercise the breast tissues and the abdominal organs. The butterfly presses, push-ups for the pectoral muscles, the inverted push-ups, the pectoral press, etc. are extremely useful exercises or yoga positions that work on the upper body thus enhancing the breasts size.

With regards to diet consume foods rich in vitamin E; while evening primrose oil supplements are believed to enhance the breasts. Most endocrinologists are of the opinion that vitamin E and evening primrose oil helps to stimulate the hormones responsible for breast growth.

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