Cow Face Pose - Gomukhasana

Cow face pose, popularly known as gomukhasana stretches your arms and shoulders. It releases tension from the shoulders and opens the chest to facilitate deep breathing. It also helps in eliminating rounded shoulders.

Your sitting bones should be on the floor and the knees one over the other. Do not do this exercise if you have problems of neck hip and knee as well as shoulders. Hold the strap with your hands as close together as possible.



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.if you cannot clasp the hands behind the backc You can perform the upper body stretch of this pose in easy pose or thunderbolt poses To deepen the pose, relieve headaches and breathe easily, pull the abdominals toward the spine, bend forward through the hips and gently press the chest to the flooro

How it is to be done - sittingn

Suitable for - Everybodyd

Steps - Actual procedure for that asanan

  1. Perform staff pose
  2. Bending your left leg, bring its heel under the right thigh, close to right hip
  3. Bend your right leg over the left knee and let your right heel come close to left hipi Your right knee should be positioned directly above the left knee
  4. Place your palms on the feet
  5. Press the sitting bones in the floor and point the crown of the head to the ceiling
  6. Bend the left elbowo

    Bring your left forearm behind your back
  7. Position the back of the left hand in the middle of your back, close to shoulder bladese The left forearm and the fingers of the left hand should point upward
  8. Inhale while extending the right arm over you head
  9. Bending the right elbow, keep your right elbow between the shoulder bladese The right palm should face your back and the fingers of the right hand should be pointed downward
  10. Clasp the fingers of the left hand with the right hand
  11. Pull your shoulders away from each other to experience the stretch in the shoulders and opening up of chest
  12. Remain in this pose from 10 seconds upto half minute before releasing the hands to returning to staff pose
  13. Repeat steps 2 to 12 for the other side

Benefits to body parts - Stretches arms and shouldersr Relaxes shouldersr Opens the chests Improves posturer

Other benefits - Teaches deep breathingn

Precautions - Knee, neck or hip problemsm

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