Steps & Benefits Of Leg Reclining Lunge

By Patricia | November 7, 2008
Steps & Benefits Of Leg Reclining Lunge

What Is Leg Reclining Lunge

The Leg Reclining Lunge is a Yoga exercise that is a part of a series of Yoga Leg Exercises that should be done in sequence, if you wish to fully stretch and tone up all the muscles in your legs. The ensuing benefits are immense and can be only felt after some time of practice. You will feel more flexible, more elastic, more energetic and more inclined to get into even some of the tricky poses after this warm up. True, in the beginning, it will call for some endeavor, like all exercises, but the long term benefits far outweigh the efforts.

Steps For Leg Reclining Lunge

  1. To start the pose, lie on your Mat, bend your left leg and pull your knee close to your chest.
  2. Catch the sole of your left foot with both your hands and move your knee to the side of your chest
  3. Now position your left heel directly above your left knee. Pull downward, trying to touch your left knee to the floor. Resist the urge to tip sideways in an attempt to touch the floor. As you tug with both your hands and around your chest, move your shoulders close to the floor.
  4. Now lift your head, pull your leg and try to touch your left knee to your nose. Relax while doing this; keep your shoulders low and away from your ears. Hold the position for several breaths. Try to insert your left thumb between your big toe and second toe and your right thumb between your little toe and ring toe. This will give you a good grip and help you spread your toes. If you can’t reach your foot, take the help of a belt to hold your calf, ankle, or thigh.
  5. Straighten out, rest your head on your mat and slide your foot back to starting position.
  6. Now bend your right leg above your head and clasp your foot with both hands and repeat the entire sequence mentioned above with this leg.


  • The Leg Reclining Lunge helps strengthen your arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles, wrists, spine and upper back
  • It stretches your chest and lungs, abdomen, legs, arms and shoulders
  • It stimulates and tones the up your abdominal organs and firms up your buttocks
  • It helps relieve stress and tension, fatigue and is proven therapeutic for asthma


  • The Leg Reclining Lunge is best avoided by people suffering from chronic back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and during pregnancy
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