Steps And Benefits Of Leg Pulls Exercise

By Patricia | November 6, 2008
Steps And Benefits Of Leg Pulls Exercise

Yoga is all about health, overall health, internal and external and the all pervading sense of well being that ensues – physical, mental and emotional. To this extent, the yogis have spared no effort in seeing that every minute part of the system is paid attention to. Sadly, in today’s hectic, fast-paced world of the pill-culture we tend to either over-exaggerate the importance of certain aspects of our health while underplaying others.

Like it or not, we are two legged animals whose legs form our base. And our waistline forms the fulcrum of our bodies. If not attended to and if neglected, the long-term results are sadly disappointing and even painful. But, many unnecessary health problems can be avoided by only paying attention to our legs and backs. The Leg Pulls is just one of a long series of leg exercises which, if done regularly, promises to fully stretch and tone up all muscles in your lower back and legs.

Steps For Leg Pulls

  1. To start lie on your Yoga Mat in Shavasana (Corpse Pose) and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Now, without bending your left knee then slowly raise your right leg. Try not to raise your head in the process.
  3. Firmly hold your right foot with both hands. If you are unable to reach it, take the help of a Yoga Strap or to belt to bridge the gap. Alternately, you may take hold of your thigh, calf, or ankle.
  4. Now firmly press your tailbone down into your Mat and gently tug your leg toward you. At the same time, try to flatten your shoulder blades and arch your back.
  5. Stretch your left leg on your Mat and pull your right leg towards your chest. Continue pressing your tailbone firmly down, keep moving your shoulders outward on the Mat so that your shoulder blades are flat out. Try to press your left foot inward as you gently tug your right leg in tighter.
  6. Hold the pose for ½ a minute to 1 minute then straighten out and repeat the exercise with the other leg. As far as possible, do not to raise your head throughout the exercise.


  • Leg Pulls give an enormous stretch to your thighs, hamstrings, calves, knees and ankles
  • They also exercise your arms and lower back while involving your back and abdominal muscles as well. This way Leg Pulls, advertently or inadvertently, exercise your whole body.


  • Leg Pulls are best avoided in cases of ongoing or chronic lower backaches, joint pains, arthritis and sciatica
  • Even patients of high blood pressure and heart problems are advised to avoid it.
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